Swaarm Launches Advanced Privacy Suite

Advanced Privacy Suite by Swaarm is now available to help users navigate privacy changes in 2023 and beyond.

A prominent performance-based marketing platform called Swaarm has unveiled the debut of its Advanced Privacy Suite (APS). The first comprehensive solution on the market aids in navigating the privacy landscape, which is always evolving, for marketers, advertisers, ad networks, and ad agencies. With the APS solution, users can assess their campaign performance metrics on every environment, including iOS, where IDFAs are uncommon, Android, where the user agent is being deprecated, and the web, where third-party cookies are being phased out, all while ensuring that campaigns are measured and monitored accurately. The solution also makes sure that the user’s privacy is protected. Instead of tracking specific user profiles, the data it collects across iOS, Android, and the Web is tied to campaigns or traffic sources.

Swaarm’s APS solution frees marketers and advertisers from the complexity of the privacy features lately added by mobile and desktop platforms, allowing them to concentrate on developing relevant, effective advertising campaigns.

By automatically choosing the optimal attribution and measurement technique available for the devices where the advertising are appearing, the Advanced Privacy Suite streamlines the campaign setup. Additionally, it ensures that data needed for anti-fraud solutions is available and that campaign performance can be precisely evaluated regardless of where it is being carried out, which increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It also saves money for ad networks by doing away with the requirement to commit technical resources during the campaign planning phase.

Yogeeta Chainani, co-founder and CEO of Swaarm, commented on the launch: “The mobile marketing sector has seen a number of privacy changes in recent years, leaving marketers and advertisers in limbo when it comes to monitoring and analysing their campaigns. Marketers and advertisers will be able to effectively manage the privacy changes in a third-party cookieless landscape and beyond thanks to Advanced Privacy Suite, we are convinced. It will support reliable campaign success measurement for marketers, ensuring effective use of advertising funds.

The importance of performance measurement in marketing has grown for consumers, publishers, and advertisers. Marketers need to be up to date with the privacy developments that will take place in 2023. Being prepared will not only enable you to address issues before they arise, but it will also inspire the creation of cutting-edge new tools and techniques that will improve the digital advertising ecosystem. According to Alexandru Dumitru, co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO), Swaarm’s Advance Privacy Suite is the first comprehensive product on the market that provides privacy without compromising performance monitoring and advertising capability.

Without further technical integration on the part of the Publisher or Advertiser, the solution functions in both App contexts and on the Web. All Swaarm customers in India and other countries now have full access to the Advanced Privacy Suite.

By launching its iOS 14-compliant attribution chain technique, Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain), Swaarm took the lead in the mobile advertising sector. The business introduced “Explorer,” an analytics platform that provides the necessary knowledge for marketers to improve the effectiveness of their operations. Swaarm expanded the integration of its technology with AppsFlyer so that agency partners could see all of their data from a single dashboard.