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5 Marketing Trends that every CMO must be aware of

CMO’s marketing strategies, The challenge lies in navigating the plethora of options without an abundance of time and resources. To cut through the noise, let’s delve into five critical trends that demand immediate attention and investment.

1. Measurement Is Becoming More Sophisticated

In the era of abundant data, sophisticated measurement is paramount to track consumer behavior across the expansive landscape of the internet. The intensified demand from CMO’s marketing strategies value necessitates a refined approach to measurement. However, a mere 57% of marketers can currently demonstrate a direct correlation between their efforts and actual sales. To address this gap and align with evolving expectations, marketers must adopt a strategic and goal-oriented perspective.

Key considerations to enhance measurement sophistication include:

  • Data Utilization: Leverage the wealth of available data to gain comprehensive insights into consumer interactions and behaviors across various online platforms.
  • CEO Expectations: Recognize the heightened expectations from CEOs to not only measure but also prove the tangible impact of marketing initiatives on sales outcomes.
  • Goal Setting: Adopt a results-driven approach by working backward from Return on Investment (ROI) when setting marketing goals. This ensures that objectives are directly aligned with measurable outcomes.
  • Relevant Metrics: Focus on metrics that directly contribute to objectives and are instrumental in proving ROI. Avoid vanity metrics and prioritize those that offer tangible insights into the effectiveness of CMO’s marketing strategies.

2. Account-Based Marketing Enables Precision Targeting at Scale

Account-based marketing (ABM) has undergone a significant transformation, breaking free from exclusivity and becoming an accessible strategy for companies of all sizes, thanks to technological advancements. This democratization has empowered businesses to achieve personalization at scale, with an impressive 84% of engaged companies reporting higher Return on Investment (ROI) compared to other approaches making it one of the best CMO’s marketing strategies. The key to unlocking ABM’s potential lies in the identification of crucial accounts and the establishment of a collaborative effort with the sales department.

Crucial Steps for ABM Success:

  • Democratization of ABM: Technology has made ABM accessible to companies of all sizes.
  • Personalization at Scale: ABM allows for widespread personalization, catering to the unique needs of each account.
  • Higher ROI: A remarkable 84% of engaged companies experience superior ROI with ABM compared to other CMO’s marketing strategies.

Implementing ABM Successfully:

  • Identify Key Accounts: Pinpoint the accounts that align with strategic goals and are likely to yield the highest impact.
  • Collaborate with Sales: Forge a strong collaboration with the sales department to align efforts and objectives.

LinkedIn’s Role in ABM:

  • Account Targeting: LinkedIn’s Account Targeting feature aids in the identification of key accounts crucial for ABM’s success.
  • Personalized Outreach: Utilize LinkedIn for personalized outreach, ensuring your engagement resonates with the specific needs of targeted accounts.

3. Influencer Marketing Extends Reach with CMO’s marketing strategies

In today’s saturated content landscape, consumers frequently develop a resistance to traditional CMO’s marketing strategies endeavors. Recognizing this challenge, influencer marketing has emerged as the fastest-growing online method for acquiring customers. Leveraging the credibility and authority of influencers, this strategy not only adds intrinsic value to content but also significantly amplifies its reach. To harness the full potential of influencer marketing, it is imperative to identify and collaborate with influencers who wield substantial influence within the target audience.

Key Points:

  • Saturated Content Environment: The current digital era bombards consumers with an overwhelming amount of content, leading to a desensitization to traditional marketing efforts.
  • Influencer Marketing’s Surge: Recognizing this content saturation, influencer marketing has become a dynamic and highly effective approach to connect with audiences and acquire customers.
  • Value Addition: Influencers bring a unique value proposition by infusing authenticity and relatability into content, breaking through the noise, and capturing audience attention.
  • Amplification of Reach: One of the primary benefits of influencer marketing is its ability to extend the reach of content far beyond traditional advertising methods.
  • Targeting the Right Influencers: Identifying influencers who hold sway over the target audience is crucial for the success of influencer marketing campaigns.

4. Native Advertising Drives Engagement

Consumers are increasingly tuning out intrusive or irrelevant advertising. Native advertising, by seamlessly integrating into content feeds, provides value rather than interruption. Studies show that consumers interact 20-60% more with native ads than traditional advertising. Integrating native ads into the budget is crucial for broader social media reach and driving traffic to landing pages.

How LinkedIn Can Help:

LinkedIn Sponsored Content delivers messages in the right format for the audience. Sponsored Content can be used to target a relevant audience for top-performing organic content.

5. Video Is The New Content King

The consumption of video content online is steadily increasing, with Cisco estimating that 82% of data transferred online by 2020 will be video. Business executives are also engaging with work-related videos weekly. Brands are encouraged to explore video storytelling, utilizing simple how-to videos, motion graphics, behind-the-scenes content, and live feeds.

How LinkedIn Can Help:

LinkedIn supports video embedding directly in Company Page updates. Targeting each post to the most relevant audience is made possible. Soon, recording and posting videos directly from the LinkedIn app will provide an additional avenue for sharing professional insights.


As CMOs navigate the complexities of the marketing landscape, these five trends offer actionable insights for immediate impact. From sophisticated measurement techniques to the transformative power of influencer marketing, staying ahead of these trends can position marketing teams for success in a rapidly evolving digital world.