Exclaimer's updated brand ushers in a new era of audience interaction

Exclaimer’s updated brand ushers in a new era of audience interaction

Exclaimer updated its look in coordination with brand consultancy Koto Studio to appeal to the marketing industry.

Exclaimer, the market leader in email signature solutions, today unveiled a refreshed brand identity that was motivated by the demands of the Exclaimer community—the users and staff who are most familiar with the platform. Exclaimer worked in partnership with brand agency Koto Studio to develop a new brand that would embody Exclaimer’s role in the engagement marketing space. This decision was motivated by a profound understanding of the need to align the brand with the company’s core values, target audiences, and long-term strategic goals.

Over 50,000 companies worldwide, including Sony, Mattel, NBC, the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, and more, have relied on Exclaimer since 2001 to deliver top-notch email signature solutions. The new identity for the business reflects the competence and assurance Exclaimer has built up over the past 20 years. “Trust”, “Connect”, and “Grow”, the three brand pillars, provided the groundwork for developing high-impact engagement possibilities for businesses everywhere. Navy, cream, lilac, and white were chosen as the main colors to provide a crisp, modern appearance. The ripple graphics in the images, which are another component of the new logo, are meant to empower Exclaimer users by putting them at the focal point of the impact.

“Email marketing, and more especially email signature engagement, is moving up on marketers’ priority lists as they strive to accomplish more with less.” The Chief Marketing Officer of Exclaimer, Carol Howley, stated, “After careful consideration, we saw there was a tremendous potential to place our consumers at the center of our thinking and better interact with an audience that spans branding, communication, engagement, and even dovetails into demand generation. Koto Studio was the ideal collaborator to realize our goal. They provided what we requested, which was a modern and uncluttered design that reflected the direction of our business. The product we’ve developed has us incredibly enthusiastic, and we can’t wait to release it in the upcoming weeks.”

“Exclaimer’s new strategic positioning and visual brand reflect its commitment to amplifying the power of email,” says Joe Ling, Creative Director of Koto Studio. “Our main goal was to develop a brand with a distinct visual mechanic to represent that. The concept of amplification, which permeates every aspect of the identity—from the new strategic positioning to the logo to the tiniest brand touchpoint, the illustration suite—was visualized using a ripple. This assisted us in developing an aesthetically appealing yet strategically aligned identity. Our productive partnership with the Exclaimer team produced a brand that will enable them to support clients in unlocking the power of email for a very long time.”

Exclaimer’s technology, which was created for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Exchange, enables companies to fully realize the potential of email signatures as a significant digital advertising channel. Exclaimer, a startup that views email signatures as more than simply a simple way to end an email, gives companies the chance to convey a consistent brand identity and enhance the crucial, one-on-one interactions they have with their customers. Exclaimer felt their brand needed a refresh because branding is at the heart of what they do. They wanted a smart brand that would appeal to everyone in the engagement marketing sector, not just those with money to spend.

According to Marco Costa, CEO of Exclaimer, “We wanted to broaden our appeal beyond the IT audience and connect with those who could really benefit from our platform. We discovered that our website was a vital point of contact for potential clients and realized how important it was to have a brand that would appeal to them. This redesign, in our opinion, successfully engages our target market and conveys the expertise we were looking for in an identity.”

Source: Businesswire