FiscalNote Receives 13th Patent From U.S. Patent Office

FiscalNote is the recipient of the 13th patent from the USPTO.

The expansion of FiscalNote Patents’ expanding intellectual property portfolio in the legal and regulatory space is enabled by the company’s ability to design AI-driven custom advocacy campaigns.

The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted FiscalNote Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: NOTE), a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS technology provider of global policy and market intelligence, another AI-related patent for the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in developing customised advocacy campaigns on behalf of its international clients. This brings the Company’s total number of U.S. patents in its portfolio to thirteen.

“FiscalNote is committed to upholding our strong intellectual property portfolio while maintaining our market leadership in AI by enhancing our AI-powered offerings and delivering greater value to our customers. Tim Hwang, chairman, CEO, and co-founder of FiscalNote, said that the company’s recently granted patent is yet another example of its dedication to innovation, research, and development. It also serves as a testament to the talent and vision of our engineering teams across the organisation. This new patent “confirms our position as a leader in policy and advocacy software and solidifies our commitment to developing and integrating cutting-edge solutions to improve customers’ experiences and maximise their impact,” says the company. “By bringing a degree of automation to the process of creating effective advocacy campaigns.”

With the help of FiscalNote’s VoterVoice workflow software, clients like trade associations, political parties, and non-profits can organise their supporters, create messages for elected officials, and launch advocacy campaigns in favour of or against proposed laws and policy changes. Every day, organisations use the VoterVoice platform and policy data from FiscalNote to enable their members to directly draught emails, texts, and messages for important lawmakers in response to pressing issues that are rapidly evolving in the political and regulatory spheres. In 2022, the platform helped citizens communicate their views to elected officials in over 371 million messages, strengthening American democracy.

The advanced AI technology made possible by this most recent patent enables organisations to further optimise and increase the impact of their outreach while fostering more effective and knowledgeable communication between constituents and policymakers by providing workflow tools to automatically create and customise outreach messages to their advocates. The patent relates to an advocacy system that can be configured to automatically identify pertinent message templates and characteristics to include or use in creating or sending messages in order to optimise a desired action or outcome. The system uses AI to help organisations create messages to advocates and policymakers.

According to Dr. Vlad Eidelman, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Scientist at FiscalNote, “We are delighted to receive this patent allowance.” As FiscalNote works with its customers to create and implement advocacy communications that advance their goals and objectives in policymaking at all levels of government, this new patent affirms the novel and innovative AI advancements that FiscalNote continues to make every day. We are excited to continue our mission of AI innovation, push the limits of what is practical in our sector, and open new horizons in the use of AI across our award-winning product and service offerings.

FiscalNote was recently chosen by AI research and development company OpenAI for collaboration as an inaugural “trusted partner” – and the sole provider of legal, political, and regulatory data and information – by enabling access to select FiscalNote market-leading real-time data sets and content for users of OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform. This selection follows the recent awarding of FiscalNote with an AI patent.