Launch of Two New Features by NetElixir's LXRInsights

Launch of Two New Features by NetElixir’s LXRInsights

Targeting And Winning Your High-Value Customers Is Now Simpler Than Ever

Digital marketing firm NetElixir‘s LXRInsights, a leading platform for AI-powered audience insight, today announced the launch of two new features: the ChatGPT function and one-click connectors with Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

These developments will increase productivity and save time for business executives and marketers, allowing them to concentrate on boosting their internet visibility and boosting sales. Businesses can use the ChatGPT function to quickly and easily create high-quality ad content and product descriptions. By clicking the ChatGPT icon, the AI technology will create engaging descriptions that are intended to attract potential high-value customers.

The new LXRInsights integrations with well-known e-commerce platforms Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce make it simple for companies to sign up and start marketing to their high-value customers.

Udayan Bose, the founder and CEO of NetElixir, said, “We are happy to offer these additional services to our clients in order to streamline their workflow. The use of our AI technology to target and engage customers who have the highest lifetime value for a brand will be made easier than ever for businesses thanks to these connections.

The new integrations are a part of LXRInsights’ continued dedication to assisting e-commerce companies in locating and acquiring their high-value clients in order to increase revenue while spending less on marketing. Businesses can establish audiences with specified goals for ads and content made for those audiences using LXRInsights’ AI technology.

According to Bose, “We think that these new integrations will change the game for businesses of all sizes and team capabilities.” We’re eager to explore how our AI technology will assist these companies in expanding and prospering in the rapidly changing e-commerce industry.

For e-commerce companies, LXRInsights offers AI-powered customer intelligence. Businesses have increased revenue by 2X to 3X for each customer gained with LXRInsights audiences thanks to its cutting-edge platform, which has assisted them in attracting high-value consumers.