New Forrester Decisions Research Service Unveiled by Forrester

New Forrester Decisions Research Service Unveiled by Forrester

At the B2B Summit North America today, Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) unveiled two new research services: Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations and Forrester Decisions for B2B Sales. The goal of Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations is to assist B2B leaders in coordinating internal processes that maximize client value and promote increased revenue and profitability. Through the incorporation of efficient operating models across the revenue ecosystem, this Forrester Decisions service will assist leaders in marketing operations, sales operations, and revenue operations in sharpening their emphasis on the production of customer value.

B2B companies will have slower growth in 2023 as a result of rising consumer expectations and the expense to acquire and keep clients. According to Forrester, 83 percent of consumers are not satisfied with their vendors in one or more aspects of the purchasing process. This widespread unhappiness serves as a good example of the opportunities retailers have to enhance the shopping experience. In this setting, revenue leakage—the loss of actual or potential revenue as a result of inefficiencies across the customer lifecycle—can undermine client happiness and stymie business expansion. B2B operations leaders must broaden their mandate to include delivering customer and buyer value in addition to internal measures of performance like increasing team productivity and efficiency.

To maximize customer value, Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations assists B2B operations leaders in removing functional barriers and integrating revenue operations strategy, including:

  • Using integrated planning and budgeting, connect strategy with execution.
  • Managing transformation and aligning revenue ecosystem procedures.
  • Driving performance monitoring and actionable insights.
  • Creating a competitive operational data strategy.
  • Utilizing revenue technologies to deliver value.
  • Through rewarding sales, performance is motivated.
  • Creating effective revenue operations teams.

Additionally, Forrester unveiled Forrester Decisions for B2B Sales to assist leaders in customer success, sales enablement, revenue enablement, and channel sales in achieving scalable and long-term revenue growth. With the help of the service, B2B businesses can better match their revenue and route-to-market plans with their overall corporate goals, motivate and empower their workforce to hit revenue goals, and bring in new clients to drive growth.

According to Srividya Sridharan, VP and group research director at Forrester, “Operations teams are typically responsible for the platforms, data, process workflows, and analysis that enable buyer and customer engagement. But there is a significant gap because of a lack of attention to the value of the client and the inability to properly design and transform an efficient operating model throughout the revenue ecosystem. Maximizing customer value and accelerating revenue growth can be achieved by aligning revenue operations talent, capabilities, and resources throughout the revenue ecosystem. With the help of these new Forrester Decisions offerings, B2B leaders can fully align their ecosystems to spur business success by having access to the most recent research, tools, and advice.”

Each Forrester Decisions solution is designed to give leaders and their teams the tools they need to move swiftly, reduce risk in their decisions, and save time and money by:

  • Bold vision research to anticipate changing customer and market dynamics and make plans for the future. A vision for revenue operations leaders orchestrating customer value throughout the customer lifecycle, for instance, is presented in the study Orient Revenue Operations To Customer Value.
  • Curated Tools and ready-to-use templates are part of curated tools and frameworks for overcoming priorities and delivering strategies. Forrester’s B2B Revenue Operations Maturity Assessment Model, as an illustration, helps B2B executives to identify areas for development, set a baseline for revenue operations maturity, and change their revenue operations capabilities.
  • Hands-on guidance through analyst coaching sessions, peer conversations, and events, practical advice to hasten progress and include their teams in the process.

Source: Businesswire