Ogury introduces innovative attention measurement capabilities

Ogury introduces innovative attention measurement capabilities

In order to improve brand recall for digital campaigns and drive success, the pioneer in Personified Advertising turns to attention metrics.

Through integrations with the top players in the attention market Adelaide analytics and Lumen Research, Ogury, the world leader in personification advertising, today introduced new features that give brands and agencies access to attention measurement analytics at the campaign level.

The next step beyond viewability to determine an advertisement’s capacity for impact and memorability is attention. In fact, a recent global study reveals that 57% of respondents think that when it comes to advertising efforts, attention provides a more complete picture of involvement. There is no accepted definition for or way to quantify user attention, despite the fact that it has emerged as a major industry problem. The same survey successfully demonstrates that just 47% of advertisers utilize attention measurement to assess the success of their campaigns, despite the fact that most of them are aware of it.

As a result, Ogury now offers brands and agencies the most sophisticated tools for measuring attention at the campaign level.

To attract the most attention, Ogury’s Personified Advertising system targets personas rather than specific individuals. Targeting the appropriate audience is the first step in any performance measurement in a cookie-less future, and this is the cornerstone of each campaign that Ogury delivers. Additionally, the company’s creative staff collaborates directly with advertisers to help them use cutting-edge and highly effective formats to reach the targeted personas in web and in-app contexts.

Ogury is introducing several direct integrations with businesses who are experts in attention measurement. The company offers attention measurements to its clients worldwide through its first partners, Adelaide measurements and Lumen Research.

In order to develop a formula to measure attention, Lumen Research combines cutting-edge eye tracking technology with advanced machine learning. This technology is used on the largest attention panel in the world.

As the only attention meter that takes business outcomes into account in its model, Adelaide Metrics uses cutting-edge machine learning to estimate the likelihood that media will attract attention and provide the desired results on a scale of 0-100 AU. Numerous quality signals, including ad size, coverage, clutter, in-view duration, and full-funnel outcome data, are used to calculate it.

Through these integrations, advertisers can have the effectiveness of their campaigns and the memorability of the advertising message evaluated by reputable attention measurement experts. Ogury offers brands and agencies the choice to select which of these two experts will manage their campaigns, with performance being measured in an open and accountable manner.

“It goes without saying that attention has become a buzzword,” said Christophe Bize, Chief Data Officer of Ogury. “Few people genuinely know how to measure it, despite the fact that everyone talks about it. In actuality, it appears as though a brand-new application or attention-management technique emerges every month. It is clear that the key to success is to collaborate with recognized authorities like Adelaide Metrics and Lumen Research, which can provide scaled, global attention measurement. The performance results of our test campaigns frequently exceeded the benchmarks set by these experts, demonstrating the inherent attention-getting power of Ogury’s targeting and creative skills.”

“Working with Ogury, we were able to develop a format-specific model of attention that accurately captures both the eye-catching and longer-lasting qualities of Ogury forms. We are glad to appropriately portray this within the Ogury-specific models because we are aware that the amount of time that individuals spend viewing advertisements is a significant success factor”. Lumen Research’s managing director, Mike Follett.

“Compared to traditional measures, attention measurements provide a more detailed and nuanced picture of the quality of the media, with their most important differentiation being a demonstrated link to business outcomes. Outcome data is essential to our AU model because of this”, according to Marc Guldimann, CEO & Founder of Adelaide Metrics. “We’re thrilled to work with Ogury to support marketers in measuring media quality within the context of their KPIs and identifying possibilities to use AU to generate more effective results.”

Source: PR NewsWire