The Leading 100 List for 2023 includes Chord as an honoree

The Leading 100 List for 2023 includes Chord as an honoree

The SaaS headless commerce technology and data architecture from Chord, a commerce platform software as a service, has been named an honoree in The Leading 100 of 2023.

The Leading 100 List honors high-impact technology start-ups that are revolutionizing the direct-to-consumer business paradigm and generating profit for both merchants and brands. These new businesses are primarily in their seed or series A round of fundraising and are supported by venture capital. Through creative, easily available, and potent technological solutions, the Leading 100 firms help brands meet customer expectations while driving growth. Using a strict system that evaluated innovation, business impact, commercialization and customers, teams and experience, competition, media buzz, and investor value creation, all firms were screened and chosen. CEO interviews, business nomination information, and publicly accessible market information were all used to gather company data.

“I am beyond delighted and grateful to The Lead for honoring Chord this year. Bryan Mahoney, CEO & Co-Founder of Chord, said: “Being in the company of such exciting startups is a testament to the effort and commitment of our team, and it reinforces our commitment to empowering businesses to fully control their storefronts while using data to forge strong connections with their customers. At Chord Commerce, we are happy to be leading the charge in this endeavor. We think that the future of commerce resides in the capacity of companies to offer seamless and personalized experiences for their customers. Our enthusiasm is stoked by this acknowledgment, which motivates us to keep testing the limits of brand-to-consumer commerce.”

“It feels great to be recognized by The Lead,” commented David Dewey, CTO of Chord. We realized we were taking on a very difficult mission when we set out on the road to give clean, curated, and real-world actionable data to commercial operators. This acknowledgement demonstrates that we are at last providing the world with what is genuinely required for companies to be competitive online in the modern day. I’m excited to discuss a few future technologies that will help organizations gain a clear picture of their operations and take concrete steps to improve with observable outcomes.

Sonal Gandhi, The Lead’s Chief Content Officer, served as the chair of the selection committee, which carried out the analysis and made the decision. Even for the leaders in the sector, Gandhi claims that the rate of change in the fashion, beauty, and consumer industries has accelerated to a dizzying degree. “The businesses chosen for The Leading 100 ranking are among the best illustrations of how technological innovation is assisting in meeting the demands of this quickly changing business climate. Some are developing solutions to maximize efficiency and productivity throughout the value chain, while others are assisting brands in making the most of the most recent developments in potent technologies like AI.

The Lead Innovation Summit, the organization’s signature event, will bring together the entire community of fashion, beauty, home, CPG, food, beverage, health, wellness, and retail innovation to discuss the future of the direct-to-consumer business model. Chord will attend and be recognized there on July 12 and 13. Executives from enterprise brands and retailers, challenger DTC brands, creative unicorns, technological start-ups, enterprise technology, investors, dealmakers, analysts, and stakeholders that are part of The Lead’s network will all be present at the annual event.