AdTech Holding Establishes New Headquarters in Cyprus's Limassol

AdTech Holding Establishes New Headquarters in Cyprus’s Limassol

On April 28, 2023, the top provider of AdTech and MarTech, AdTech Holding, will relocate to a new, larger office in Limassol. The company will be able to put all of its staff under one roof thanks to the new office.

The new location includes a four-story facility with spaces for constructive communication throughout, a relaxing work atmosphere, and recreational areas to promote staff members’ mental health. Additionally, in order to lessen the company’s influence on the environment, the offices were built with the greatest environmental standards in mind. This included efficient energy use, green spaces, and separate waste collection.

AdTech Holding, a leader in the sector, is dedicated to establishing a significant presence in Cyprus and expressing its support for the nation, its people, and its economy. A component of this commitment is the relocation to a bigger office. It demonstrates the company’s faith in Cyprus’s and the sector’s overall growth potential.

AdTech Holding has its headquarters in Cyprus since 2016. Cyprus was chosen as the location of the company’s worldwide headquarters for a number of reasons, including the nation’s vibrant ecology, friendly people, and large talent pool.

“We are overjoyed to relocate to our bigger, more spacious office facility in Limassol. It stands for a significant turning point for us and a strategic focus on growing our presence on the island and enhancing the community’s economy. The change will also enable us to continue offering our partners great service and to grow our company in novel and interesting ways,” according to Alex Vasekin, CEO of AdTech Holding.

The company’s growth is a tribute to Cyprus’s business-friendly climate and the support provided by its government in luring and keeping top-tier businesses like AdTech Holding.

AdTech Holding is dedicated to creating lasting relationships with its clients and partners, and its new headquarters will make this possible in a more effective and efficient manner. AdTech Holding is in a good position to spearhead the expansion of the AdTech and MarTech sectors and contribute to the ongoing economic progress of Cyprus because of its emphasis on innovation.