Kigo was created by blockchain and loyalty industry pioneers

Kigo was created by blockchain and loyalty industry pioneers

Kigo was founded, according to Augeo, a leader in loyalty and engagement technologies. Kigo combines Thred, a cutting-edge NFT interaction platform, with Heaps, Augeo’s cryptocurrency loyalty business. With the addition of $6.5 million in further pledges from Valor Siren Ventures and Augeo to hasten the launch of Kigo, the two ventures have collected a total of $16 million in funding.

Kigo pioneers a new era of Open LoyaltyTM defined by shareable experiences, ownable digital assets, and cross-brand collaborations as major brands strive to shape new experiences and embrace digital assets. Kigo offers the technology and knowledge to deliver Open Loyalty to the entire world, backed by Augeo’s decades of experience in the loyalty space servicing hundreds of companies and millions of users.

According to David Kristal, founder and CEO of Augeo and executive chair of Kigo, “the tremendous promise of digital assets unlocks newly possible customer connections and community experiences.” “Kigo’s Open Loyalty platform creates memorable and enduring interactions between customers and the brands they love. This has implications for loyalty engagement going forward.

By collaborating with Kigo, businesses can develop, distribute, and manage blockchain-enabled customer, employee, and membership experiences. These experiences can range from shared rewards to digital memberships that are uniquely tailored to each individual to large-scale cross-brand partnerships. In addition to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, brands may integrate a sizable digital rewards system where customers can exchange loyalty points for hyper-relevant digital collectibles, commemoratives, access cards, and more.

According to Peter Schultze, CEO of Kigo and former Heaps head, “the key to unlocking new value for people and brands lies in making experiences so intuitive that you don’t even realize you’re interacting with the blockchain. Kigo seeks to make blockchain benefits accessible to people in the most profound and rewarding ways yet.”

According to Ben Straley, president and co-founder of Kigo and former CEO of Thred, “Brands are increasingly asking about digital assets in response to growing demand from their customers, members, and employees. Kigo will leverage the power of digital assets and blockchain technology to elevate engagement and seamlessly unlock consumer loyalty.”

“With Heaps and Thred, Kigo is now the market leader in digital asset loyalty.” According to Jon Shulkin, Fund Manager at Valor Siren Ventures and Co-President at Valor Equity Partners, “Kigo’s creative solutions are unique in the space, and we are grateful to support the team while continuing our long-standing relationship with the Augeo team.”