Capital IP Provides $50M to NextRoll to Continue Transformation

Capital IP Provides $50M to NextRoll to Continue Transformation

Today, NextRoll, a San Francisco-based provider of marketing technology solutions for entrepreneurs looking to expand their enterprises, revealed that Capital IP had invested $50 million in funding to the company. The investment will be used to strategically support the next wave of innovation on NextRoll’s marketing software across both of its business units: RollWorks, an account-based marketing platform that aids B2B firms in revenue growth, and AdRoll, a marketing and advertising platform for eCommerce brands. This revelation comes after the company’s software services received a strong market response over the previous few years.

“We are thrilled by this financing from Capital IP, which will enable us to execute strategic growth initiatives and accelerate our software transformation,” says Roli Saxena, CEO of NextRoll. “The momentum we’ve seen in software adoption shows our market potential and the value we offer to our customers at a critical juncture.”

In order to develop revenue more effectively, brands and enterprises must take advantage of new tools and methods in today’s complex marketing environment and hard economy. NextRoll is ideally positioned to expedite how teams identify, engage, and retain consumers to achieve efficient growth at a time when every team needs to do more with less thanks to the deep data and machine learning underpinnings it has built into its software platforms.

According to Capital IP’s managing partner Riyad Shahjahan, “NextRoll has a solid market position in not one, but two areas. Their mission-critical product portfolio and the value they provide for clients are underscored by the excellent development of their subscription software business, strong retention that has been proved, and the strong foundations of their advertising tradition. We’re thrilled to work with NextRoll as they fulfill a promising vision and advance closer to being a Rule of 40 company.”