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Mediaocean Announced Partnership With Epsilon

Mediaocean Announced Partnership With Epsilon

In order to improve audience data in Mediaocean’s Audience Hub, the mission-critical omnichannel advertising platform Mediaocean established an alliance with Epsilon, a leading worldwide adtech and martech business. Through Mediaocean and Flashtalking, advertisers can reach Epsilon’s 1,000+ audience segments on channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Meta, Pinterest, Snap, TikTok, and Twitter.

Epsilon’s comprehensive first-party data management strategy enables brands to build, grow, and activate their data and insights in more strategic ways, enabling them to interact with customers when and where they are most responsive as well as pinpoint their next-best clients.

The agreement combines Epsilon’s comprehensive understanding of 250 U.S. million customers with Mediaocean’s industry-leading centralized ad management capabilities. Epsilon will give advertisers the ability to activate audience segments based on characteristics like auto purchase intent, retail purchases, lifestyle preferences, and demographics, among others, to activate within their campaigns as an integrated partner within Mediaocean’s Audience Hub.

According to Ramsey McGrory, chief development officer at Mediaocean, “it is essential to be able to activate data-driven advertising at scale and across the biggest social, mobile, and video platforms.” “Through this potent connectivity, we’re happy to provide our clients the frictionless opportunity to utilize Epsilon data. We anticipate making this available across all media platforms, with a concentration on convergent TV, and the initial integration is focused on walled gardens.”

According to Dennis Self, General Manager of Data Solutions at Epsilon, “having the ability to leverage diverse, premium consumer data has become essential for advertisers as they compete and look to drive brand awareness and performance. We take great pride in working with Mediaocean to support their clients’ confident activation of successful campaigns.”

The announcement is a culmination of a number of first- and third-party data integrations in Mediaocean’s Audience Hub. Send an email to for additional details about Mediaocean’s offerings or the Epsilon integration.