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The launch of Versium's new Data Prep product was announced

The launch of Versium’s new Data Prep product was announced

  • Data Prep detects identification data issues and automatically cleans it to more effectively contact target audiences and build AI models.
  • Versium’s extension of its end-to-end data technology platform unleashes data’s full value at every stage of the journey.
  • Through Versium’s UI or APIs, marketers can now purify, enhance, model, and activate marketing data from a single, dependable provider for a 5X increased reach.

According to research, inaccurate data costs U.S. firms more than $3 trillion annually, which negatively affects marketing campaign effectiveness and return on investment. Versium, a leading provider of data technology, today announced the release of its new Data Prep product, a tool that enables marketers to rapidly clean up large amounts of data at scale for use in all types of data-driven marketing initiatives.

The $3 trillion problem with unclean data concern

Numerous methods exist for gathering data and entering it into systems with errors and inconsistencies, which can have an impact on the success of marketing campaigns and AI projects. Companies spend expensive resources, such as time and money, on marketing strategies that fail to reach their target audience when they rely on inaccurate, incomplete, duplicate, and invalid data, also known as “dirty data.” The biggest potential for marketers who need to accomplish more with less money is revealed by studies that demonstrate how firms might generate over 70% more revenue from enhanced data quality alone.

Businesses who need to manage and fix vast amounts of data but lack the resources or skills to do so efficiently can use Versium’s Data Prep. In order to prepare data for additional enrichment or even AI models, Data Prep quickly analyzes enormous volumes of data and automatically eliminates issues like missing fields, inconsistent formatting, typos, and more. This dramatically improves the capacity to reach a target audience across all channels. To maintain consistency across huge volumes of data, Data Prep employs AI models to interpret identify data such as location, job titles, and names.

“With the emergence of AI, data, particularly first-party data, is crucial in today’s digital environment. However, there are many situations in which inaccurate data might be recorded or submitted, and we are aware that dirty data “in” always results in dirty data ‘out’,” according to Versium co-founder and CTO Kevin Marcus. “Data Prep empowers anyone to automate the data purification process, which for most marketers is the first step in the data journey toward deeper insights or incorporating AI into marketing campaigns. Access to Data Prep is available via our REACH UI or direct integration into your own data pipelines via our APIs.”

A complete efficient platform for the entire data journey

Data Prep is the newest addition to Versium’s data solutions to help clients realize the full potential of their data. Versium is being used by thousands of companies to enhance their marketing data and increase reach by 5X.

Versium has more than 10 years of experience assisting marketers in using data efficiently to better understand and connect with their target audience. As a result, Chris Matty, co-founder and CRO of Versium, said, “We are expanding our suite of solutions to help our customers fix all the problems in their data. The result of years of consumer input on problems with their data quality is Data Prep. Even before using any of our other data tools, we noticed a tremendous possibility for them to raise their revenue simply by resolving problems in their data. Marketers can now purge, enhance, and activate their data from a single, user-friendly platform.”

Tools and APIs for developers and marketers that are simple to use

The full array of data solutions, including Data Prep, are accessible to marketers through Versium’s cloud-based REACH platform, and developers can integrate these solutions and workflows directly into their own platforms by utilizing Versium’s extensive collection of open source tools and APIs.


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