FiscalNote and Microsoft: Building an AI-powered Bing Plugin Together

FiscalNote and Microsoft: Building an AI-powered Bing Plugin Together

FiscalNote’s Chat Plugin is the most recent AI development, solidifying the company’s position as a pioneer in the application of AI in the policy, legal, and regulatory domains.

In order to give customers access to some of FiscalNote’s industry-beating real-time data sets and content, FiscalNote Holdings Inc., a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS solution provider of global policy and market intelligence, today announced it is developing a plugin for Microsoft‘s new AI-powered Bing. The relationship is evidence of FiscalNote’s ten-year leadership in artificial intelligence (AI) model aggregation and training in the legal, regulatory, and political domains and serves as a further catalyst for the company’s ongoing strategic partnership initiatives with other top AI inventors.

Earlier today, at Microsoft’s annual Build Conference, the news was made. FiscalNote is joining other international companies that are market leaders in their own business verticals as part of today’s news.

The FiscalNote plugin for Bing is the most recent of numerous comparable AI integrations by the company with leading global tech companies, including FiscalNote’s selection as an inaugural launch ‘trusted partner’ for OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plugin and its most recent integration collaboration with Google’s Bard.

By utilizing this AI partnership with Microsoft, FiscalNote intends to make certain data and information available to Bing Chat users, as determined by FiscalNote. This will allow FiscalNote to gain important insights into the ways in which users may wish to use generative models to comprehend political and regulatory information. In addition to improving accuracy and relevance for FiscalNote customers, this increased user interaction will help create a flywheel for FiscalNote that will propel future product development for the company’s domain-specific models. It will also allow the company to quickly extend its leadership in the application of AI and large language models related to these specialized data sets. By combining generalized foundation models with FiscalNote’s domain-specific models, defensible insights will be produced, allowing the business to more effectively optimize its own models and data collection efforts while developing innovative applications and user interfaces that provide FiscalNote customers with better results.

Tim Hwang, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of FiscalNote, stated that “AI innovators and pioneers across the tech industry are repeatedly choosing FiscalNote to be their go-to launch partner of choice when it comes to product integrations to access our trusted data sources for legal, regulatory, and policy information. It is an honor for us to partner with Microsoft to provide Bing users innovative workflow experiences that increase efficiency, inspire curiosity, and broaden knowledge. In order to inform, direct, and empower the most significant and influential decision makers in the world, FiscalNote continues to be dedicated to extending and advancing our unmatched leadership in successfully fusing human intelligence, artificial intelligence, and our reliable sources of data.”