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aiOla's Speech Recognition Technology Improves Jargon Detection

aiOla’s Speech Recognition Technology Improves Jargon Detection

The speech recognition technology detects jargon used in different industries, expanding vocabulary without re-training

Marketers now have access to the world’s first AI-powered jargon detection technology that helps users simplify operations using speech recognition. aiOla, the maker of ASRU2, unveiled an AI speech recognition model that instantly adapts to the unique vocabulary of any industry and delivers automated transcribing for different acoustic environments.

Here’s more about aiOla’s AI jargon detection technology and its benefits in digital marketing operations.

New Technology Saves Millions of Dollars with its Zero Re-training Foundational Model

AI speech recognition models are harder to deploy in complex workplace environments because of their inherent incapabilities in automated jargon detection. aiOla says it can solve this problem by providing bespoke AI models for specific industries, organizations, and even teams!

The training cost of industry-specific AI models for speech recognition can reach millions of dollars. In most cases, these models fail to deliver on their promises– and worse, generate inaccurate results. aiOla is addressing this challenge with its no-retraining AI model for jargon detection.

aiOla boasts of achieving a 45% increase in speech recognition accuracy in transcribing jargon from domain-specific conversations. OpenAI’s Whisper foundational model currently provides robust speech processing with English results. aiOla supports over 100 languages and transcribes even the most heavily accented speech, filtering noise and redundant signals.

At the time of this announcement, Mitch Garber, Executive Chairman of aiOla said enterprises use innovative solutions to adopt AI to maintain a competitive edge. However, they fail to address the starting needs for different office environments with AI technologies.

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Mitch explained the differences between text-based AI solutions and AI speech recognition models. aiOla’s CEO said, “Prior AI speech recognition models couldn’t perform for business use cases because of their inability to grasp jargon. Today, aiOla is changing that by providing instantly tailored AI models that can understand the unique jargon of your specific industry, your organization, or even your team.”

How does aiOla’s speech recognition model work?

In a recent research, the AI technology company published its novel approach to automated jargon detection. It mentioned the 2-step process:

Step 1: Keyword detection using aiOla’s advanced keyword spotting model

Step 2: Transmitting the data to OpenAI Whisper-based speech recognition model to detect jargon in the conversations

aiOla could also use other proprietary speech recognition models, including Meta’s MMS model, to unlock the most accurate jargon detection technology. Once trained for jargon in the vocabulary, the new AI model can be used in different sectors with 100% paperless outcomes.

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Benefits for marketers

aiOla is primarily focusing on these industries:

  • Food manufacturing
  • Fleet management
  • Logistics and warehousing

For marketers, conversational AI, voice-to-text analytics, and text-to-voice and speech-based workflow automation capabilities are jargon in the conversations related to customer experience management, digitization, and digital transformation. Marketing teams should review jargon detection technology for their high-growth digital campaigns and generate better ROI from their efforts.

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