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TeamSupport Announces Grant Stanis as New CEO; Introduces Conversational AI to Improve Agent Productivity

TeamSupport Announces Grant Stanis as New CEO; Introduces Conversational AI to Improve Agent Productivity

SaaS technology leader Grant Stanis is the new CEO of service ticketing and live chat solutions provider, TeamSupport. The company has also announced adding a new conversational AI to its TeamSupport AI suite to improve overall agent productivity. Offered as part of the AI Assist solution, the latest conversational AI technology for agents helps them close tickets faster.

Our Martech intent newsdesk covered the addition of the new CEO and enhancements to TeamSupport’s AI offerings to the customers would impact the customer contact center software market in 2024.

What is TeamSupport’s Conversational AI Solution?

Conversational AI is the foundation of personalized customer contact and omnichannel communications management.

TeamSupport’s latest AI-powered tools for agent productivity management takes customer support and services teams to the next level. Named AI Assist, this conversational AI tool acts as a co-pilot to agents for different tasks. For example, agents can generate faster responses with a granular-level insights based on customers’ requirements. It also assists agents manage conversations with real-time asset sharing and search features to improve knowledge exchange with the customers. Built using internal TeamSupport data, this AI tool will continue to be trained for better performance and productivity in the future.

Here are the salient features of conversational AI solution offered as part of TeamSupport AI Assist for customer service teams.

#1 Message Tone Checker and Recommendations

AI Assist for agents use the conversational AI tool to adjust the tone of their replies to the customers. You can tune the responses based on intent data of the customers. The AI tool automatically detects the mood and behavior of the customer to recommend different options such as direct, professional, friendly, or casual. Grammar checks and tone enhancements makes AI Assist the go-to tool for every agent looking to craft the ‘perfect’ reply to their customers.

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#2 Quick summaries

In service organizations, agents could be spending more than 75% of their time handling difficult questions with complex replies. In most cases, agents may not even read the full message, leading to a gap in communication. AI Assist is a useful tool for agents struggling with time management. TeamSupport offers quick summaries by screening the ticket content, enabling agents to strike back with a relevant response.

#3 Exceptional customer experience

73% of customers switch to a competitor after multiple bad experiences. Customer support teams could be handling hundreds of calls and tickets daily.

Agents could find it hard to deliver personalized customer experience everytime. And, one bad experience is enough to push customers to opt for a competitor service provider. Agents can avoid such mishaps while handling large volume of tickets using AI Assist by TeamSupport.

So, agents can save more time and build stronger customer relationships using intuitive, AI-powered platform, AI Assist. TeamSupport’s AI enhancements needed a strong leadership to break into the saturating market for service tickets and live messaging software solutions. Adding Grant Stanis to the company as the CEO is expected to be transformational step toward continuous innovation with AI at core.

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