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DAM Leader Aprimo Acquires Personify XP to Improve Content Personalization Using AI

DAM Leader Aprimo Acquires Personify XP to Improve Content Personalization Using AI

Marketing technology leader Aprimo has announced the acquisition of content personalization and analytics platform Personify XP. Personify XP and Aprimo are part of the MACH Alliance. The fusion of two martech platforms will bolster the digital asset management software industry with cutting-edge AI features for content personalization. With Aprimo, marketers are already enhancing their ability to deliver finer omnichannel experiences, powered by generative AI. Personify XP’s addition to the digital asset management (DAM) suite will empower brands to leverage real-time visitor insights and deliver AI-generated assets directly to the DAM cloud. This reduces the time required to create personalized digital experiences and increases conversions and revenue.  

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Generative AI’s Role in Content Personalization

Generative AI is a transformative technology for content ops teams. The rise of GenAI tools has necessitated the shift to AI-led content creation and digital asset management strategies. Aprimo’s decision to acquire Personify XP will unlock new opportunities with differentiated branded content personalization.

Here are the top benefits of using GenAI in content ops and personalization:

  • GenAI content generates higher content marketing ROI
  • It improves SEO ROI with improved search experiences and increased conversion rates across multiple channels
  • Marketers cut down content creation costs by up to 67%, and reduced time to produce new content by 65%
  • 35% of marketers use ChatGPT or similar tools to create, search, or distribute digital assets within their organizations
  • One-third of AI users in the organization are searching for AI tools to generate images and videos for their marketing, sales, and HR campaigns

All these trends show Gen AI tools in marketing organizations have a whopping role to play today. And, Aprimo realized it quickly by tapping into Personify XP.

Aprimo’s AI increases content searchability and discoverability for all types of digital assets and documents, including images, PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel, and others. AI also accelerates content summarization, reduces the risk of violations, eliminates data entry mistakes, and transforms asset variants with extensive content-aware fill.

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Personify XP will add these dimensions to Aprimo’s existing DAM and content ops portfolio.

  • AI recommendations for personalized content, based on customer engagement data and assets available on Aprimo’s DAM platform
  • Real-time personalized content creation and delivery of assets and their variants
  • Creation of an omnichannel branded content development strategy based on behavioral data, and performance insights
  • Enhanced AI-powered search to accelerate content ops lifecycle

Aprimo’s CEO Erik Huddleston identified the company’s spirit of DAM innovation as the crux of their relationship with Personify XP. Together, the two companies will refine content ops, AI, and omnichannel personalization, creating new opportunities for brands in real time.

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