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Introducing AI-amplified MarTech Suite: Infosys Aster

Infosys Aster is an AI-amplified marketing suite for performance marketing, Martech orchestration, and Marketing Ops, all rolled into one.

Today, the global IT consulting and digital services provider Infosys has launched Infosys Aster. Aster is an AI-amplified marketing technology suite for brand and growth marketers, designed to deliver business growth in tough market conditions. We can put Infosys Aster in the family of multimodal AI martech tools. For example, BLIP-2 is a scalable multimodal pre-training method.

Powered by generative AI capabilities, Aster provides real-time integrated marketing analytics to users across customers, brands, and channels. It is equally useful for B2B and B2C marketing teams opting for agility-focused ROI from their martech investments.

For Martech users, including content creators, brand marketers, and performance marketers, Infosys Aster is a game-changer. Here are the salient features of Infosys Aster that you should know.

Delivers High-end Brand Experiences Powered by In-house AI Capabilities 

We can no longer underscore the importance of seamless martech integrations for creating brand experiences. AI is only the tip of the iceberg– what about the integrations with your existing martech suite?

AI-infused martech tools have flooded the market recently with the promise of seamless integrations. Only a handful ever meet the expectations…

Most marketing teams use AI features to boost their marketing ROI. Infosys Aster is tied to brand experiences that are crafted with personalized content in mind. For instance, Aster’s AI capabilities, powered by the Infosys Topaz machine learning engine, adapt to marketing strategies in real time using active campaign performance data. Marketing teams can utilize this capability to deliver immersive brand experiences in 3D, AR VR, and digital twin CGI modeling. AI’s infusion in brand experiences empowers marketers to take full control of their dynamic content engine, deepening omnichannel engagements with everlasting impressions.

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Accelerates Campaign Management Cycles

Marketers often go through the pain of managing their campaign cycles without enough insights and analytics. Even today, the best marketers trust their intuition to surf past challenges in their campaigns. Infosys Aster simplifies the marketing campaign management cycle with automation. Faster campaign deliveries result in accelerated results, boosting efficiencies across all channels. With Aster, marketers save time and cost to execute and activate campaigns by centralizing everything from content creation to marketing analytics.

Sumit Virmanica, EVP and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Infosys saidAt Infosys, we count on AI to amplify our capabilities – deepen brand experiences while driving effectiveness and efficiencies. We know that Infosys Aster™ – the same AI-amplified services, solutions and platforms that delivers value for us – can transform marketing into the powerful growth engine CMOs need for it to be.”

Bridges the Physical-Digital Divide

Finding it hard to cut through the digital noise, and failing to bridge the phygital opportunities?

Infosys has combined the power of AI, hyper-personalization, and human creativity to coin Digital Human Experience or HX.

Marketers find it hard to engage customers looking for cross-channel experiences. Infosys understood the problems and saw the opportunity to connect HX with AI. Aster delivers hyper-personalized cross-channel experiences with AI workbenches and DXOps. Our Marketing Technology Insights team would study Aster’s Digital Experience Factory and find out how this AI-amplified martech suite drives engagement and loyalty by bridging the physical-digital divide for marketers.

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Refines your Audience Building Efforts with Data Analytics

Aster brings together different performance marketing and semantic search technologies under one hood. For example, the martech suite from Infosys provides new-age tools for audience segmentation, ID resolution, privacy management, and AI-first marketing ops solutions to deepen customer engagement and loyalty. Data, human connections, and AI-powered content experiences — Martech customers crave for these in a single platform. Aster could manage to plug the gap and meet expectations in the martech world.

What’s next at Martech with Infosys

As the demand for AI-infused martech solutions continues to explode, we will see more announcements coming from enterprise-level IT services and consulting companies. Infosys Aster is a solid growth story, and this platform has the potential to create hyper-personalized HX with gen AI and data analytics.

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