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Martech Intent News: 10 Best-performing HubSpot Marketing Updates of 2024

Martech Intent News: Best-performing HubSpot Marketing Updates of 2024

HubSpot marketing is one of the most widely searched keywords in the martech industry. The Martech software company became very popular among inbound marketers before it leveled up its go-to-market (GTM) strategy for website creators, AI influencers, SDRs, and service reps in the industry. If you know modern Martech stacks, HubSpot marketing will likely emerge as the top choice in 2024. This includes campaign management using marketing automation, email marketing CRM, content marketing, and now, AI chatbots, mobile optimization, and even payment links. For a Martech company that boasts of winning the top honors in Sales and Marketing software segments, HubSpot marketing is an institution.

Every month, HubSpot announces important marketing technology updates and previews for users, developers, and partners. We tracked down the top HubSpot marketing updates for the Martech audience in 2024.

Here are the top HubSpot marketing updates from our dedicated Martech newsdesk for marketing, sales, and service professionals.

Update 1:  HubSpot’s India Office Planned to Open in September 2024

Timeline: April 2024

The marketing technology software industry in India is a booming ecosystem. HubSpot has officially announced it is all set to expand its global footprint in India. Bangalore, the home to most B2B SaaS companies in India, will be HubSpot’s new GTM talent base, serving 1000+ customers based in India. ]HubSpot has a headcount of 75,000 employees supporting 250k customers from 135 countries. Adding India to its tech talent and service base would allow HubSpot marketing strategies to scale beyond geographical limitations that affect most Martech players. HubSpot’s CEO, Yamini Rangan, and co-founder- CTO Dharmesh Shah are born Indians.

Update 2: Chief AI Officer and The Next Wave

Timeline: April 2024

HubSpot Media Network introduced the concept of Chief AI Officer through a podcast series called “The Next Wave.” This concept is built on the foundations of HubSpot AI, a new GenAI tool for marketers. HubSpot marketing technology users can now navigate through the complex ever-evolving AI landscapes under the leadership of an expert Chief AI Officer.

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Update 3: Investment in Tango DAP to Boost Software Adoption

Timeline: April 2024

How would you feel if your technology wastage is more than 50%? Each year, nearly $550 million worth of software licenses go unused! And, Martech software licenses (guesswork!) are part of the unused assets.

Marketing technology is the backbone of any modern-day organization’s digital transformation. In Martech conferences, top business leaders speak about the importance of Martech software adoption for accelerating digital transformation across all departments. Thanks to HubSpot Marketing, most organizations have embraced digital dexterity in their operations beyond marketing. To further improve the software adoption rate in the industry, HubSpot announced an investment in a digital adoption platform (DAP), Tango.

Tango creates user-friendly software training decks. Powered by AI, Tango DAP creates experiential training modules and guides with screenshots, annotations, and relevant descriptions to simplify software adoption.

Update 4: HIPPA-compliant HubSpot Smart CRM with Additional Safety Tools

Timeline: June 2024

HubSpot’s Smart CRM is scaling its offering to support businesses handling sensitive customer data. HubSpot marketing tools have become safer and more supportive for businesses using sensitive data such as personal IDs, medical records, financial data, etc. With HIPAA-compliant Smart CRM, HubSpot marketers can navigate the legal and compliance challenges for healthcare, finance, insurance, and government institutions. HubSpot’s GTM strategy is to deliver a more unified customer record management for marketing, sales, and service teams within the HIPAA framework.

Why HubSpot marketing teams need this HIPPA update?

HubSpot marketers would benefit from Smart CRM’s HIPAA compliance during inbound lead generation campaigns. They can now collect sensitive healthcare data from customers who have consented to receive services and information by filling out forms or chatting with virtual assistants. Likewise, the effectiveness of marketing automation campaigns would improve when marketers become fully aware of HIPPA-compliant customer data pipelines for more targeted personalized marketing campaigns.

Sales and service teams would also benefit from the update.

Update 5: Joining EDPB’s EU Cloud Code of Conduct 

Timeline: January 2024

HubSpot joined The EU Cloud Code of Conduct (CoC) to bolster its efforts and commitment to data protection and GDPR. Complying with the GDPR and other data protection laws saves marketing teams from losing to stronger competitors who have managed to keep regulations in order, and therefore, have a more trustful and transparent relationship with their customers. For HubSpot GTM, joining the EU CoC is a big win – empowering marketing and sales teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences and services within a harmonized cloud ecosystem. HubSpot’s Data Protection Officer Nicholas Knoop stated his organization will contribute to the General Assembly to drive data privacy and GDPR compliance management. This would boost customer acquisition and retention, creating more opportunities for innovations including in AI model development.

Update 6: HubSpot’s The State of Platforms 2024 Report

Timeline: January 2024

50% of top software app marketplaces are transactional. According to HubSpot’s The State of Platforms report, the average number of apps in the top 50 largest software companies’ marketplaces is 1498. Only one-third of these companies have unified app and services marketplaces for customers seeking app partners and services in one place. This heavily restricts the modern software industry’s reach and engagement with customers and partners. HubSpot marketing teams use the App Marketplace to create and manage outstanding campaigns with highly personalized content and insights.

Update 7: Investment to keep US Businesses 100% Compliant

Timeline: January 2024

Compliance is a major challenge for new business startups in the US. 450K+ new business formation applications were submitted in November 2023. You can imagine the flood of compliance challenges that erupted due to the applications. US-based compliance and formation services providers such as doola make founders’ lives easy. HubSpot has invested in the company recently. This investment will enable doola to expand its product offerings that support US-based businesses at every stage of ownership, growth, and sustainability.

HubSpot marketing will continue to expand in 2024 into newer categories. We look forward to covering them all. If you are an analyst or a media rep, contact us for insights.

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