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Sustainable Gifting Grows 10% as Brands Go Green to Drive Sales

As brands use sustainability to boost sales, sustainable gifting grows 10%.

In response to rising demand for sustainable gifting solutions, Sendoso reports a 220% increase in vendors using sustainable practises.

An increase in green gifting and sustainable vendors was seen, according to new data from the top direct marketing automation company Sendoso, as environmentally friendly practises continue to be a crucial component of corporate marketing strategies. Customers committed 10% more spending with sustainable businesses from 2021 to 2022, according to Sendoso, which led to a 220% increase in vendors joining the sending platform. These vendors include Modern Sprout, Pomp, Laumière, One Hope Winery, Jiggy, and Verve Culture.

According to the data, there has been a significant shift in corporate gifting among companies and their employees in favour of more environmentally friendly practises and products.

“More and more companies around the world are listening to their employees and supporting their desire for better sustainability in their own lives, and that is having a direct impact on their gifting choices as well as the gifting industry,” said Kris Rudeegraap. “Supporting sustainability is no longer a luxury; it is now essential for success. In order to make a lasting impact with their gifting strategies, brands are turning to Sendoso.

According to a recent Sendoso global gifting report, concerns about sustainability for presents have grown significantly more important over the past two years. In fact, 42% of respondents said it is now more important than it was in 2020 for gifts to be made of sustainable materials. Additionally, more than one-third of respondents said they prefer gifts made by businesses that offset their carbon footprint and that are produced with no package waste.

From the more than 30 sustainable vendors on Sendoso, some of the most popular sustainable sends since 2020 include:

  • Terra Thread Sustainable Earth Backpack
  • Just Enough Wines Collection Set
  • Cafecita Coffee 12 oz Bag of Fair Trade Coffee – San Ignacio (Peru)
  • Modern Sprout Tiny Terracotta Kit – Champagne Poppies