Barometer and ArtsAI forged a partnership

Barometer and ArtsAI forged a partnership

A new partnership combines measurement for podcast advertising with in-campaign visibility for brand safety and suitability.

Barometer, a leading AI-powered brand integrity and contextual targeting solution for podcast advertising, and ArtsAI, a leading AI-driven attribution and personalization company providing optimization and actionable insights to brands, announced a partnership at the IAB Podcast Upfront in New York. This will enable the market to receive new solutions that will deliver unprecedented in-flight transparency of brand safety and suitability for podcast advertising. They officially introduce AB Daily (AI Brand Integrity Daily Measurement) today.

Advertisers wishing to partner with podcasts must protect the integrity of their brand. Instead of needing to wait weeks or months for the outcomes to be revealed in a post-campaign report, they are searching for ways to monitor brand safety and suitability and gather contextual information while campaigns are in-flight. Furthermore, occasionally standards need to be adjusted in order to be just perfect, which may result in missed opportunities for in-flight optimization that could produce a higher ROI.

The first product produced as a result of the special collaboration is called AB Daily and it combines the potent capabilities of the two businesses in a groundbreaking, no-code solution. AB-Daily gives daily, in-campaign show & episode-level appropriateness monitoring on where advertisements are showing on podcasts, breaking new ground in show-level post-campaign reporting. Additionally, AB Daily reports and analyzes if the podcasts’ episodes meet the requirements for suitability and safety set forth by the particular brand.

The new option is already accessible and works with both direct and programmatic podcast purchases. Both Barometer’s AI-Powered Media Planning Platform and ArtsAI’s portfolio of AI-driven measuring tools can be utilized with or without AB-Daily.

The most recent technology, which is presently being developed in the AI Lab, will offer contextual analysis and real-time, episode-level targeting and anti-targeting for brand protection. This technology will enable marketers to prevent their advertising from running in real-time on any episodes that contravene their standards rather than discovering where their ads appeared after the fact.

“Publishers & advertisers can now get started using something like the “whole stack” of podcast advertising, gaining visibility into signals that have previously been unavailable at this daily, episode-level resolution,” stated Tamara Zubatiy, CEO of Barometer. “The best part is that all Barometer solutions, including AB Daily, enable advertisers to customize their podcast safety & suitability rules based on things like genre, context, host sentiment, and more.”

“We’re enthusiastic to see brand safety and attribution solutions in podcasting continue to develop and work together. The partnership between Barometer and ArtsAI will enable us to improve how we consider brand suitability during the planning process and open up new opportunities to test and evaluate performance in settings that our clients can feel secure in, according to Maria Tullin, SVP, Managing Director, Performance Audio at Horizon Media.”

“One of the main reasons digital video and display advertising spend $47 billion combined, compared to podcasts’ $2 billion, is that these media have long provided daily and real-time brand appropriateness safeguards. According to Erik Lundberg, Chief Revenue Officer for ArtsAI, “This innovative ArtsAI Barometer partnership will bring these safeguards to podcasts, enabling the podcast ad ecosystem for direct as well as programmatic buys to grow exponentially.”

The AI Lab is now working on a future roadmap for the partners that will offer a more real-time targeting solution that will enable tighter advertiser controls of podcast ad purchases.

About Barometer

Barometer is a contextual targeting and brand appropriateness solution for podcast advertising powered by AI. In accordance with industry-accepted taxonomies like the IAB Content Taxonomy 3.0 for contextual targeting and the Global Advertisers for Responsible Media’s (GARM) Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework, our patent-pending AI Brand Integrity Cloud uses natural language processing to analyze podcasts. To usher in a new era of size and maturity in podcast advertising, our technologies drive radical transparency across the whole audio ecosystem while fostering trust between the buy and sell sides.