Intentsify declares its official operational entry into APAC

Intentsify declares its official operational entry into APAC

Contrary to global tech trends, the company experiences 50%+ sales growth and keeps on hiring quickly to support its international expansion.

Intentsify, the innovator in next-generation precise buyer-intent analytics and intent activation solutions, has announced formal operational expansion into APAC as a result of its outstanding organic growth.

Precision intent is the first and only intent data solution employing natural language processing (NLP) to calibrate intent models exactly to enterprises’ specific business offerings, messaging, and use cases. Intentsify combines the most recent AI technology with advanced intent-derivation methods to deliver precision intent. The eagerly awaited entry of Intentsify into the APAC area provides current clients localization of its Intelligence Activation Platform to further support their own regional growth. Additionally, Intentsify intends to quickly engage locals to provide sales and marketing, customer support, and deeper in-market experience in order to generate net new income.

“All major tech brands have a significant presence in APAC,” claimed Marc Laplante, CEO of Intentsify. “With this growth, we are able to share local best practices across borders, providing businesses with a unified approach to intent data and digital marketing. Through our regional collaborations, Intentsify is able to scale its capabilities, provide customers with tools to target new markets, and expand its revenue sources.”

Ajay Subherwal was recently appointed by Intentsify as Chief Revenue Officer of EMEA & APAC in preparation for the expansion. Intentsify has more than tripled the number of employees it employs under Subherwal’s direction, and further recruiting is imminent.

Subherwal continued, “Our capacity to support our clients’ growth is closely correlated with our own growth. Through quick product innovation and improvements to our powerful Intelligence Activation Platform, Intentsify’s top objective is to enhance and regionalize our customer experience.”

Intentsify will visit B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC this month, as well as B2B Ignite and ROAR B2B Marketing Expo in London later this year, to strengthen its expanding worldwide footprint and meet with clients and prospects.

Following the launch of their next-generation precision intent data system and the establishment of new corporate headquarters in Westwood, Massachusetts, Intentsify’s APAC expansion completes a momentous start to 2023. Additionally, Intentsify overcome market challenges that were ailing tech firms globally, resulting in a 56% YoY increase in sales in Q1.