Botify launched Botify Advantage

Botify launched Botify Advantage

The newest product from Botify boosts brands’ organic search income by combining customized advice and execution services with its tested platform.

Botify, a top performance marketing platform for organic search, just introduced Botify Advantage, scalable consulting and managed services that will help clients make an impact organically more quickly. With its innovative strategic offering and sector-leading organic search know-how, customers and agencies stand to benefit. The organic search specialists at Botify find major revenue opportunities, offer custom tactics, and put those ideas into action with the aid of AI.

Marketers are increasingly turning to organic search when seeking lucrative and long-term growth, and CMOs anticipate increasing their organic search spending by 46%. Increasing spending by itself won’t ensure success, especially in the quickly evolving organic search market that is currently being disrupted by generative-AI. Brands must combine the appropriate data with the appropriate technology and knowledge in order to expand organic search initiatives successfully. That’s what Botify Advantage offers.

The organic search specialists at Botify use their clients’ first-party data to find instant optimization opportunities, enabling marketers to see results right now while developing their long-term strategies. For businesses looking to expand organic development, Botify Advantage offers a quicker time to value by keeping their technology, data, and services under one roof.

Botify Advantage provides two types of consulting:
  • Strategic Services: With the use of AI-powered Botify technology, Botify Advantage professionals work with clients to create their roadmap and offer advisory services to make sure the client can carry out the strategy effectively.
  • Managed Services: The Botify Advantage team develops and implements the plan on behalf of the client using the suites of analytics, intelligence, and activation offered by Botify.

“The Botify consulting team has the knowledge to offer practical organic search insights and the flexibility to quickly integrate themselves into a company and contribute to execution. They have helped us create a long-term vision and accelerate the expansion of our audience”, according to Jamie Silverstein, Senior Director of Strategy and Business Operations at TuneIn. “Botify Advantage has repeatedly shown that they are a reliable partner, and we are appreciative of their cooperation.”

It might be difficult to find and keep the broad skills that organic search demands. It has historically been challenging to convince the rest of the company of the value of organic search. By serving as a knowledgeable extension of the customer team, Botify Advantage helps teams to overcome these obstacles and contributes to illustrating the value of organic investment.

“Accelerating the translation of insights into tangible outcomes has become essential in today’s rapidly changing consumer climate, where agility is key,” stated Brian Marin, SVP of Global Services at Botify. “With Botify Advantage, our team of specialists takes control and makes the most of our potent technology to ensure that we meet this requirement.”

Source: Businesswire