Profiles unveiled by RudderStack in collaboration with Snowflake

Profiles unveiled by RudderStack in collaboration with Snowflake

RudderStack Profiles gives businesses the ability to create full profiles from all client touchpoints, develop ML user features, and provide engaging customer experiences.

The availability of RudderStack Profiles for Snowflake customers was announced today at Snowflake Summit 2023 by RudderStack, the industry-leading warehouse native customer data platform. With the aid of RudderStack Profiles, data teams can swiftly create comprehensive customer profiles in their warehouse, provide user features, and activate them to provide cutting-edge customer experiences.

The difficulty of gathering and combining clean, first-party data, which can take months or even years and cost millions of dollars, frequently overwhelms data teams. RudderStack Profiles offers data teams tools that instantly construct a complete customer 360 table natively in Snowflake and automate the SQL grunt work, which solves this issue.

RudderStack Profiles enable data teams to reallocate their most important employees to focus on delivering customer data use cases rather than plumbing or cleaning data, hence lowering engineering expenses. By constructing on a complete image of their client in their warehouse, they may also shorten the time to value for crucial projects. Additionally, they can configure RudderStack models to produce a customer profile table in their warehouse and wave goodbye to rigid black box SaaS.

One of the test users was the consumer electronics business Wyze, which specialized in wireless cameras and smart home goods. They were able to swiftly build out a full customer identity graph in their Snowflake instance, add user features, and produce an extensive and useful customer 360 table by utilizing RudderStack Profiles built on top of Snowflake’s Data Cloud. The outcomes were attained in a matter of weeks. By employing ML-scored features, their marketing team was able to deliver 2-3 times more messages, which helped to increase sales. Additionally, by concentrating on work that brought value rather than data wrangling and cleaning, their data engineering team was able to increase productivity by 5–10 times.

“In the past, it was really challenging for us to connect the entire client journey. For instance, a customer might peruse our merchandise on, our Shopify store, before downloading our mobile application.” Wei Zhou, Director of Data Engineering at Wyze, said that “In order to put all of this together, we would need to access all of these various platforms. With Profiles, we can now use our first-party data to resolve customer IDs, compute machine learning user attributes, and give individualized suggestions to increase revenue.”

RudderStack’s Warehouse Native CDP is based on your warehouse or data lake and differs from conventional Customer Data Platforms (CDP) in that it does not persist data. RudderStack now offers a full platform for every phase of the Data Activation Lifecycle thanks to the addition of Profiles:

  • Collection: It is simple to gather data from any website, app, or SaaS service using RudderStack’s Event Stream and Cloud Extract ETL pipelines.
  • Unification: With the help of our standardized schemas, RudderStack’s Profiles feature can construct a complete representation of the customer, including an identity graph and rich customer features, much faster.
  • Activation: Profiles and user features are delivered through RudderStack’s Reverse ETL pipeline to downstream locations so that marketing automation, real-time analytics, or the provision of individualized experiences can be triggered.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Profiles, which, when used with our data collection and data activation features, enables companies to unlock the value of their customer data,” said Soumyadeb Mitra, CEO and Founder of RudderStack. “With the launch of this solution, data teams can now take use of Snowflake’s Data Cloud’s scalability and security as well as RudderStack’s Warehouse Native Customer Data Platform’s strength and flexibility to generate revenue growth and cut costs.”

Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake, continued, “We are enthusiastic about the ecosystem continuing to emerge around the Snowflake Data Cloud. Businesses can get first-party data using the RudderStack platform, enrich it using the Snowflake Marketplace ecosystem, and then activate it using their Reverse ETL pipeline. With Profiles, our collaborative customers can offer the data that powers effective customer experiences in a matter of days rather than months and at a fraction of the cost.”

The success that clients have already seen with RudderStack Profiles excites RudderStack and Snowflake, and they look forward to assisting additional customers in realizing the potential of their customer data.

Today, RudderStack Profiles are exclusively offered to Enterprise Tier customers on Snowflake. Read the blog post or arrange a demo with the RudderStack team to find out more.

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Source: PRNewswire