New Product Features Announced by Frame AI

New Product Features Announced by Frame AI

Frame AI, the top platform for AI-powered customer insight, announced today that additional product features for Enterprise use cases, such as Cost Tiers, Score Builder, and HIPAA compliance, are now available. Customer support and technical teams will be able to estimate the exact costs of escalated service requests thanks to the product improvements, which will assist to organize work, cut costs, and safeguard revenue.

“In the twenty-first century, businesses must focus on both providing excellent client experiences and remaining cost-effective. Teams devoted to addressing the challenges faced by their customer base need tools to help increase the speed and effectiveness,” stated George Davis, founder and CEO of Frame AI. “This is true for customer service executives, CFOs, and CEOs as well. With the help of these new tools, customer support teams can now aggregate, categorize, and estimate the expenses associated with service issues that are unique to their company as well as develop solutions for reoccurring problems.”

By lowering hazy cost estimates and delivering a more clear picture of expenses related to particular ticket categories, Frame AI’s new Cost Tiers drive accurate cost estimating connected with escalated tickets. Users of Score Builder can calibrate bespoke scores that forecast business outcomes, directing customer success teams’ course of action. Users are now able to collaborate and provide clients in regulated healthcare industries under the protection of a Business Associate Agreement safely and securely thanks to new capabilities enabling HIPAA Compliance, such as a complete third-party audit.

“Customer experience optimization has a direct business impact that goes far beyond simply addressing the needs and concerns of those who have purchased a product or service from your company,” claimed Mike Lazarow, investor in Frame AI and founder of Buddy Media. “My decision to join Frame AI is rooted in my own realization of the great inefficiencies that exist in the customer experience space, and George’s vision of using AI to aggregate, categorize, and mitigate lost time, resources, and money spent addressing customer needs.”

Source: Globe Newswire