Avalara Launches NEXT, A Virtual Developer Event

Avalara Launches NEXT, A Virtual Developer Event

Avalara, a top supplier of software for automating tax compliance for companies of all kinds, today announced the launch of Avalara NEXT, its third annual conference for partners and developers in charge of integrating international tax compliance into trade and commercial activities. September 20–21, 2023, will be the dates of the virtual conference. For additional details and to register for the free event, click here.

“Global trade has encouraged more companies to use technology to run their enterprises.” Avalara’s Chief technological Officer, Danny Fields, noted that “Organizations now anticipate more services from a single technological platform rather of adding new solutions as needed. Technology suppliers must be able to integrate compliance with tax and other business standards into their own apps in order to serve enterprises. Developers and partners may gain personal knowledge of cutting-edge tax compliance technology at Avalara NEXT and discover how to quickly create compliance solutions and integrations for their clients.”

Avalara NEXT this year will include:

  • Leaders in technical thought: Learn how to improve Avalara integrations, take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning for tax compliance, and meet worldwide e-invoicing demands from Avalara CTO Danny Fields and senior technical professionals.
  • Partner accomplishments: Participate in conversations with partners of technology platforms like those from BigCommerce, eBay, GoDaddy, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Xero. In order to make sales tax compliance for American small businesses and their advisers less complicated, Jeni Oye, GM of Product at Xero, will discuss Xero’s relationship with Avalara.
  • New integrations and solutions: Discover Avalara’s updated worldwide APIs and integrations to increase your customers’ value and efficiency.
  • Sessions for coding: Learn how to create a tax integration for your company application in a few hours by watching live coding demonstrations.
  • 1:1 technical conversations: Make contact with the technical experts at Avalara to have in-depth discussions on how to incorporate tax into your cloud-based applications.

The Avalara ambition to take part in every transaction in the globe requires partners. Avalara Partner Day, a brand-new event this year, will take place on the second day of the conference and feature two tracks: one geared toward e-commerce and marketplace partners, and the other toward ERP and accounting partners. These programs will be centered on exchanging partner learnings and examining how partnerships will develop in the future to benefit our shared customers in a global economy.

Avalara introduced new tools and APIs at Avalara NEXT last year to let partners integrate compliance solutions into their own experiences. Attendees will receive an update on the tools and APIs Avalara is creating to enable embedded compliance at this year’s event.

Source: Businesswire