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Official Launch of Vpon Wee Global Data Platform Five Freemium

Official Launch of Vpon Wee Global Data Platform Five Freemium

The official launch of “Wee Global Data Platform,” a one-stop data service platform that assists businesses in creating personalized data innovation, was announced by Vpon Big Data Group, the industry’s leading company, on June 14. Businesses can now take advantage of free early access to a limited number of features as a trial to use the platform. The Wee Global Data Platform’s four modular services assist businesses, brands, and governments in fusing existing first-party data with third-party data made available on the platform, creating a holistic picture of the audience and enabling targeted marketing. Additionally, the platform is dedicated to ensuring that data is used legally and compliantly, enabling users to drive data transformation and new value in a secure setting.

Integration of multiple data sources to display consumer behavior and market trends

All of the “first-party data” on website visitor activity, app engagement, offline customer data, and operational data belongs to businesses, brands, or governmental organizations. However, disorganized data is frequently enormous and complex, making it difficult to immediately utilize. Businesses can now independently import their first-party data using the Wee Global Data Platform, which will automatically be represented in the data dashboards, enabling them to comprehend the user behavior of their target audience. The platform’s “third-party data” packages, which include mobile trajectories, consumer data, off-site app behavioral data, and others, can be used to leverage and analyze third-party data, allowing businesses to create effective strategies and foster interactions.

According to Victor Wu, the company’s founder and CEO, Vpon is dedicated to maximizing the business development value concealed within data. Vpon seeks to offer a user-friendly platform for those who have first-party data, giving them the ability to evaluate their data sources and comprehend the meaning behind the statistics. This is done with the help of a qualified team. Wee Global Data Platform gives legally compliant data sources to businesses that need new applications of third-party data to expand audience analysis and create more precise strategy deployments. Wee Global Data Platform, offered by Vpon, is a safe, well-protected, and legally compliant platform that enables data monetization, increases the commercial value of data, and creates revenues.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can now tailor their data management thanks to the expansion of Wee Global Data Platform’s functionality.

Through the Wee Global Data Platform, Vpon has previously merged data sources for several government agencies in Taiwan and Japan as well as large private corporations, assisting them in developing precise marketing campaigns catered to their target customers. Vpon has chosen to provide businesses with the option to register and utilize the features for free online now that this service has been modularized. Businesses may now understand vast volumes of complex data using the dashboards produced by the data visualization feature of the Wee Global Data Platform. This not only makes data analysis easier for non-technical professionals to grasp, but also frees up organizations to concentrate on creating distinctive marketing plans.

Wee Global Data Platform’s four key features are data marketplace, data acquisition, data analysis, and data activation. It sets itself apart from other data analysis tools on the market by offering more sophisticated and thorough customized solutions, increasing the value of data for all prospects. For instance, processing and examining customer geolocation data can be difficult for app operators. However, app operators may now assess the quality of the backend data collecting process and adjust the procedures for better app services and positioning thanks to the Wee Global Data Platform’s graphical dashboards. There are currently no solutions available that enable firms to incorporate insights from geolocation data, hence this capacity is lacking in the market.

Big data is an essential corporate resource for future sustainable development. Organizations that are data-driven increase their client acquisition and retention rates as well as their overall corporate revenues. Data-driven user experience customization even makes it possible to double business revenue growth. Everyone who wants to experience the power of data is invited by Vpon to sign up for the Wee Global Data Platform right away.

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