ChatGPT is integrated into the SmartAgent solution by IntelePeer.

Along with its analytics and suite of market-leading conversational AI solutions, SmartAgent will use generative AI technologies to help contact centres provide unmatched customer experiences, increase efficiency, and cut costs.

In addition to its suite of built-in, best-in-class solutions, like IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, and AWS Lex, SmartAgent, a digital solution for contact centres from IntelePeer, a leading provider of communications automation platforms, will now leverage ChatGPT and eventually other generative AI technologies to help businesses improve their customer experience while introducing greater efficiencies and cost-effectiveness to their contact centre operations. As long wait times, inconsistent service quality, and high employee turnover rates continue to plague the industry, contact centres are currently struggling to meet high customer expectations. By incorporating ChatGPT into its SmartAgent offering, IntelePeer will enable businesses to hyper-automate labour costs for contact centres while freeing up agents to work on higher-value, revenue-generating customer care tasks.

According to Frank Fawzi, CEO of IntelePeer, “the introduction of ChatGPT into the contact centre environment is truly a watershed moment for the industry. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting new approach. “With the addition of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, our SmartAgent offering, with its straightforward pricing and sophisticated feature sets, including AI, analytics, and omnichannel orchestration, will become even more potent. A crucial part of IntelePeer’s larger transition to a communications automation provider is the integration of this technology into our customer service solutions.