IRONSCALES Unveils Cutting-Edge New Capabilities

IRONSCALES Introduces Cutting-Edge New Features to Combat the Growing Business Email Compromise

This year’s RSA Conference, April 24-27, will feature a comprehensive showcase of new capabilities fusing AI and human insights at booth 5215.

Today, IRONSCALES, the top enterprise cloud email security platform defending over 10,000 international businesses, unveiled a slew of ground-breaking new capabilities to help fight business email compromise (BEC). The new features expand upon IRONSCALES’ industry-first strategy of fusing human insights (HI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver enterprise-level defence against BEC and other types of sophisticated phishing attacks. From April 24-27, these new features will be on display at the IRONSCALES booth (#5215) at the RSA Conference.

The announcement comes at a time when BEC and other sophisticated phishing attacks are increasing dramatically in frequency. In the upcoming 12 months, large organisations anticipate a 43% increase in BEC attacks, according to a recent Osterman Research1 report. According to research from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, these sophisticated phishing attacks, which take advantage of flaws in conventional Secure Email Gateways, will cost businesses a staggering $2.7 billion in 2022.

In their most recent Market Guide for Email Security2, Gartner advises security and risk management leaders to “use email security solutions that include anti-phishing technology for targeted BEC protection that use AI to detect communication patterns and conversation-style anomalies” in order to help protect against this growing threat. In order to help users become more educated, Gartner continues, organisations should “reinforce training with context-aware banners and in-line prompts.”

Augustine Boateng, Deputy CIO for the City of Memphis, stated that “email security is one of those tasks that gets a tonne of visibility for the wrong reasons.” “Vendors cannot simply claim that AI will handle everything. Every technologist is aware that AI is still in its infancy. Technology will break down, and it’s only a matter of time before hackers find AI flaws. In order for my team to act quickly to eliminate threats, I need to be able to see which ones are being flagged and which ones are not.

“With IRONSCALES stepping up their AI plus human insights (HI) approach to safeguarding businesses like mine from phishing threats, we’re seeing an increase in employee awareness, a decrease in the number of threats we need to address, and confidence across the board that we’re taking preventative measures to safeguard our assets,” Boateng added.

The innovative AI+HI approach to email security pioneered by IRONSCALES is expanded upon by the new set of cutting-edge capabilities, which makes it possible for:

  • Create Security Awareness Campaigns with a Click – Creating a comprehensive, timely, and relevant phishing simulation & training campaign is a major undertaking. With IRONSCALES’ new “Recommended Campaigns” feature, SOC admins can launch entire campaigns based on seasonal events, current threat trends, and more, all with the click of a button.
  • Turn Real-World Threats into High-Value Simulations – Traditional phishing simulations often rely on outdated emails that fail to accurately test employees’ awareness of the latest threats. And creating effective simulations of your own is challenging and time-consuming. With IRONSCALES’ new “Template from Threat” feature, IT and Security leaders can quickly turn an actual phishing threat into a simulation template in just a few clicks.
  • Standardize Security Posture at Scale – For global enterprise clients and MSP partners, configuring security posture settings traditionally had to be done on a tenant-by-tenant basis. With IRONSCALES’ new “Group Settings” capability, admins can now easily apply customization and AI settings across multiple tenants at once, to ensure a standardized security posture at scale.
  • Streamline Threat Classification – Today’s security and IT admins only have a few moments to investigate and classify an incident before having to move on to the next threat. However, it’s not always clear why an email was flagged. As part of IRONSCALES’ new BEC capabilities, security leaders can ease the decision making process and gain at-a-glance insights explaining why an email was identified as a potential threat.
  • Analyze the Threat Landscape at a Glance – Visibility into the handling of suspicious emails at the enterprise level has traditionally required time-consuming, dispersed searches across different views. With its new “Investigation Tab” capability, IRONSCALES gives security professionals access to a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire threat landscape — including all identified threats, threat patterns, and actions taken.

According to Eyal Benishti, co-founder and CEO of IRONSCALES, “as our customers grow more profitable, they are becoming the targets of highly advanced phishing attacks that are more challenging to detect through native and traditional email security tools.” Enterprise security teams now have an effective AI-based co-pilot to combat sophisticated phishing attacks thanks to IRONSCALES. And when human insights are added, organisations can lower risk, increase the effectiveness of their security teams, and protect themselves from the most sophisticated phishing threats.

IRONSCALES is relied upon by over 10,000 customers worldwide to protect against the most sophisticated phishing attacks of the present. IRONSCALES ensures that businesses around the world have all the tools necessary to stay secure in the face of the most recent threats because it is the only solution in the sector to combine AI and human insight.

Attending the RSA Conference this year? See how IRONSCALES is redefining enterprise email security by fusing AI and human insights at booth 5215.

(1) Defending the Enterprise: The Most Recent Trends and Strategies in BEC Attacks, Osterman Research

(2) The Market Guide for Email Security from Gartner Peter Firstbrook, Franz Hinner, and Ravisha Chugh, 13 February 2023

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