Viant and S&P Global Mobility Deliver

Delivering a First-to-Market Solution for Service Campaign Effectiveness is Viant and S&P Global Mobility.

Vehicle service-level insights enable auto advertisers and their retailers to evaluate the true impact of vehicle service campaigns

S&P Global Mobility and Viant Technology Inc., two industry leaders in people-based advertising technology, unveiled a first-to-market solution to assess the success of vehicle service marketing campaigns. In order to help auto advertisers and their retailers better understand the effects of dedicated service campaigns on their media investments and return on ad spend (ROAS), Viant has integrated service-level measurement alongside sales-level data into its DSP. In light of ongoing supply chain issues facing the entire industry, this is a crucial capability to support auto manufacturers whose service-related revenues now make up a larger portion of their total revenue.

According to Tom Wolfe, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Viant, “this ground-breaking solution powers online and offline insights by leveraging deterministic ID matching to improve targeting accuracy, in-flight optimisation, and measurement, for both sales and service transactions, providing a more comprehensive campaign performance picture for marketers and brands in the auto industry.”

Viant and S&P Global Mobility collaborated with a major international automaker through this integration to develop a groundbreaking study measuring service campaign conversions. Viant was able to show a +35% lift in service transactions and an increased purchase rate for the top auto manufacturer by utilising Polk Signals’ measurement solution.

“Service has become an increasingly important revenue stream for automotive brands in a climate where auto sales have been impacted by inventory constraints,” said Joe Kyriakoza, VP and General Manager, Polk Automotive Solutions, S&P Global Mobility. Working with Viant to deliver a creative, distinctive offering that enables advertisers to more accurately assess the effects of service campaigns improves returns for clients in all automotive tiers.