Hawke Media Procures Tribute Media

Hawke Media Procures Tribute Media

With yet another acquisition, Hawke Media, the fastest-growing marketing consultant firm in the US, is taking the marketing industry by storm. By acquiring Tribute Media, Hawke will be able to reach Tribute Media’s customers and expand his marketing empire.

Since 2007, Meridian, Idaho-based Tribute Media has been offering clients top-tier knowledge in all facets of digital marketing. Tribute Media is a web marketing agency. For businesses all over the world, the company has constructed more than 700 websites, provided online marketing services, and implemented HubSpot Marketing & CRM. The company and the experts behind it have a solid track record and continue to have the title of Gold HubSpot agencies.

According to Corey Smith, the founder of Tribute Media, “When Hawke Media taps you on the shoulder, you answer. Tribute Media is excited to experience the scope of the Hawke Nest and to continue providing exceptional performance to our clients. We’re very happy that we could come to a compromise that suited us both.”

Erik Huberman, the CEO and founder of Hawke Media, founded the company in 2014, and it is currently worth over $150 million. This acquisition differs from Hawke Media’s usual acquisitions in that Tribute Media is an up-and-coming agency seeking to establish itself through superior performance and customer service. Hawke Media, in typical manner, prefers to be in the know regarding trends and sees a promising future for Tribute Media.

After taking on more celebrity projects and working with leading brands like Crocs, Redbull, Heidi Klum Intimates, Proactiv, Casamigos, and more, Hawke Media aims to see the brand’s ideals reflected within the company. Hawke anticipates giving its present and potential customers even more great service with the addition of this new team member.

The CEO and Founder of Hawke Media, Erik Huberman, expressed his excitement over the acquisition. “Tribute’s basic principles precisely match ours, and as we expand our reach, we look forward to giving our clients an even greater experience. I’m most eager to add Tribute’s web experience to our roster of Hawke specialists. The values of the Tribute team and the Hawke team are quite compatible. We’re prepared to give our customers an even better experience.”

Source: PRNewswire