New Innovations from Adobe Across the Adobe Experience Cloud

New Innovations from Adobe Across the Adobe Experience Cloud

As well as important updates to Adobe Mix Modeler, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, and Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe also announces the release of Adobe Product Analytics for enterprise customers. With customers like Accenture, Adidas, Daimler Benz, Lufthansa, Henkel, H&M, Hugo Boss, Otto, Prada Group, Publicis, Real Madrid, Salomon, Santander, smart Europe, Stellantis, TeamViewer, TSB Bank, TUI Group, and Volkswagen, Adobe Experience Cloud, which is used by 87% of Fortune 100 companies, is continuing its rapid expansion across a variety of industries, including financial services, automotive, and retail.

Today, Adobe introduced updates to Adobe Experience Cloud, the industry’s top customer experience management platform, to kick off Adobe Summit EMEA 2023, the leading digital experience conference. The new products give businesses the ability to provide highly customized experiences at every point of contact while maximizing operational effectiveness.

According to Amit Ahuja, senior vice president of Adobe’s Digital Experience Business, “Consistently delivering engaging and personalized experiences will be paramount to accelerating profitable growth as enterprise businesses navigate through an uncertain business climate and price-conscious consumers. Our most recent innovations enable brands to activate data in novel ways that drive customer engagements, efficiency, and cost savings.”

International brands depend on Adobe Experience Cloud, the leading platform for creating, delivering, and measuring customized customer experiences. Over 12,000 customers, including 87% of Fortune 100 companies, 74% of Fortune 500 companies, and top EMEA brands like Accenture, Adidas, Daimler Benz, Lufthansa, Henkel, H&M, Hugo Boss, Otto, Prada Group, Publicis, Real Madrid, Salomon, Santander, smart Europe, Stellantis, TeamViewer, TSB Bank, TUI Group, and Volkswagen, trust Adobe Experience Cloud.

Fresh Features for Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Adobe Product Analytics: As new feature launches frequently solidify or undermine consumer loyalty, product teams increasingly play a larger role in the overall customer experience. However, product usage insights are frequently siloed from other teams. Customers now have access to product analytics, which gives product teams the ability to understand user uptake and usage. Through Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), these insights are combined with information from other businesses, such as marketing, to give the brand a more complete understanding of how a customer interacts with it online. Customers of CJA like Warner Bros. Discovery, Otto, The Coca-Cola Company, General Motors, and TSB Bank collaborate with Adobe to spur corporate success through real-time information.
  • Adobe Mix Modeler: Although marketers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the effectiveness of their initiatives, the size and fragmentation of contemporary marketing make it challenging to provide straightforward answers regarding where to allocate resources. For instance, firms in the travel and hotel industries struggle to explain how a rise in paid search will affect reservations. Adobe’s self-service Mix Modeler tool, powered by AI, enables organizations to precisely measure campaigns and to coordinate planning efforts across paid, owned, and earned channels. The foundation of insights is rich data from the Adobe Experience Platform, which is supplemented with data from external sources including ad networks and social media platforms. As it works with clients to maximize the impact of every dollar, Adobe is currently opening up access to Mix Modeler on a worldwide scale.
  • Next-Generation Adobe Experience Manager: Adobe has reinvented Experience Manager to make it simple for people of any ability level to update content for their brand’s digital domains, providing memorable experiences using well-known tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Teams may develop, edit, and publish from the same document even without CMS expertise, and security controls ensure that only authorized users are able to make changes. To help businesses develop tailored and compelling experiences more quickly, Adobe is today extending access to the most recent Experience Manager offering for companies all across the world. Early adopters using the new AEM to give their organizations true content velocity and better experience delivery include Hanesbrands, PGA TOUR, Volvo Trucks, and WESCO International.
  • Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP): Adobe has introduced new sophisticated audience management features that will drastically cut the time it takes to create individualized, powerful experiences. With built-in governance and new management features like the ability to surface the highest-value segments and enrich them with other data, brands can now collaborate with new data partners across the globe, scale first-party data with look-alike audiences, and automatically ingest existing audience segments from anywhere in the organization – from data warehouses to CRM systems – into Real-Time CDP. Applications like Adobe Journey Optimizer and Customer Journey Analytics, which are both powered by the Adobe Experience Platform, collaborate with Real-Time CDP to enable organizations to orchestrate omnichannel experiences and gather data for ongoing improvement. Real-Time CDP is being used by top European companies including AIDA, Henkel, EY, NatWest, Prada Group, PRISA Media, Real Madrid, and William’s Racing to provide individualized customer experiences at crucial moments.
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO): It is a next-generation journey management tool used by top organizations to coordinate personalized customer experiences across touchpoints like the web, email, mobile, SMS, and offline channels. Adobe recently demonstrated an AI-powered version to AJO. With the help of an AI infusion that incorporates an experimentation component, brands will have access to strong testing capabilities that may help them make decisions. Brands in any sector can monitor the effects of marketing initiatives or promotional offers in real time as consumers switch between their own digital channels, physical stores, social media, and other platforms. As a primary center for their omnichannel strategy, brands can rely on AJO to make sure that all of their campaigns and experiences mesh with in-the-moment customer engagements.

Source: Businesswire