Intradiem Earns The Forum Partnership Award

Intradiem Earns The Forum Partnership Award

Amidst of a global labour shortage, Intradiem assists Virgin Media achieve 7% attrition rate reduction, resulting in operational cost savings of more than £3.4 million.

The Forum’s 2023 Partnership Award awarded to Intradiem, the top supplier of intelligent automation solutions for call centres and back-office customer service teams, for providing exceptional support to Virgin Media, one of its clients. To be more precise, Intradiem decreased Virgin Media’s agent attrition by 7% across its 7,000 front-line agents, improving customer service and lowering operating expenses.

Virgin Media’s extensive automation programme, which included longer agent training sessions and higher productivity, received high praise for the superb support provided by Intradiem. Virgin Media launched this programme to update its personnel planning and customer service operations, which were reliant on antiquated manual procedures.

According to Intradiem CEO Matt McConnell, “Today’s customers expect it all from frontline agents, from truly hearing the challenges they encounter with a brand to getting their needs met by deviating from a script. Virgin Media has thrived at a time when it’s difficult to discover and retain top people by using clever automation to improve the skills and engagement of its frontline workers and prevent costly attrition.”

In order to gather, analyse, and utilise the vast data output in real time, Intradiem connects directly with contact centre technology platforms. Virgin Media was able to use this to streamline their distributed customer service team.

In the midst of the constant flux of contact centre processes, Intradiem automatically recognises spur-of-the-moment opportunities and automatically delivers dynamic training to temporarily idled agents through its real-time monitoring and messaging capabilities. This special capacity enabled a 26% increase in Virgin Media agent training time and a quarterly increase of 1,500 training sessions year over year.

Virgin Media made use of Intradiem’s automated real-time notification capabilities to support individual agents in completing calls within predetermined time limits.

Source: Businesswire