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Launch of the Intelligent Offers Platform by RevLifter

Launch of the Intelligent Offers Platform by RevLifter

The debut of RevLifter‘s Intelligent Offers Platform has been announced. This potent self-serve technology provides merchants with the knowledge and control they need for successful growth.

For generating, releasing, testing, and optimizing personalized offers throughout an eCommerce site, the platform provides a full toolkit. With the help of RevLifter’s own specialists, retailers will be able to provide customized incentives and advice through completely branded experiences to address difficulties related to driving conversions, minimizing abandonment, and managing inventory.

The new platform’s primary goal is to eliminate guessing from merchants’ promotional activities by providing a wide range of data and insights capabilities. These consist of:

  • Segmentation: To find out which incentives lead to greater revenue, fewer abandonments, and other desired results, target various offers at specific populations.
  • Propensity and intent: Using data from thousands of experiences that are similar, target promotions to visitors who are more inclined to buy or buy more.
  • A/B and multivariate testing: Run tests on various offers, copies, and creative components, and then automatically push the best iterations.

Since its launch in 2017, retailers like ASOS, John Lewis, New Balance, and AT&T have used RevLifter to replace broad, one-size-fits-all promos with tailored deals. The business is at the forefront of the personalized offer trend, which Boston Consulting Group projects will generate an additional $70 billion in retail sales annually.

“Retailers already have all the first-party data they need for real-time personalization,” says Simon Bird, co-founder and CEO of RevLifter. “The Intelligent Offers Platform will provide a far more selective approach regarding how and when their offers are employed by taking their real-time signals and applying them to enable the true value of this data.”

“Retailers may use our platform to protect their brand impression and profitability at a time when rising expenses make it challenging to justify reductions and make sure that each offer, recommendation, and communication produces a profitable result.”

The Intelligent Offers Platform is offered in a variety of tiered options and is easily integrated using a tag-based approach. Additionally, it seamlessly interacts with the most widely used eCommerce platforms and tools, such as Shopify, Adobe Commerce/Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and OpenCart.

Source: PRNewswire

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