Cisco and AT&T Will Aid Organizations in Changing the Calling Landscape

Cisco and AT&T Will Aid Organizations in Changing the Calling Landscape

  • With the AT&T mobile network, Webex Calling is seamlessly integrating to deliver a strong, mobile-first, and unified collaboration experience via a single business mobile number.
  • Together, AT&T and Cisco are bringing SD-WAN connectivity together with supplemental services like 5G and broadband to provide an enhanced user experience for companies of all sizes.
  • For small and medium-sized enterprises, AT&T is introducing a self-service digital purchase experience, bundling fiber and mobility, and including Cisco Meraki’s cloud-managed solution.

In order to improve connection and advance the calling environment for hybrid workforces, Cisco and AT&T have unveiled new technologies. The modern workforce is not bound to a particular area, device, or region, whether it be on the ground floor, the top floor, at the branch office, the home office, or during the commute in between. With the new products, which include Cisco’s Webex Calling and SD-WAN solutions in addition to AT&T’s mobile network, businesses of any size can give their staff members the easy-to-use, consistent experience they need to succeed in any environment.

Webex Calling is seamlessly, flexibly, and natively integrated

The firms today unveiled plans that would make it easier for customers to take calls across different devices when traveling for work, running errands, and more. These initiatives will help ensure a seamless and dependable mobile-first collaboration experience.

Enterprises want connectivity solutions that are simple to operate, secure, and offer the flexibility and dependability needed for work from anywhere, given the sharp rise in the usage of mobile phones as the principal business device. With the help of several important features, this integration meets this necessity, like:

  • Single number mobile identity: Combining the features of an AT&T wireless smartphone with the native integration of Webex Calling would provide functionality and flexibility for on-the-go communication. Single number mobile identification.
  • Reduce costs: By decreasing or eliminating the requirement for conventional fixed business lines, this integration aids enterprise customers in cutting costs.
  • Clear voice: AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go enables users to safely place and receive business calls using AT&T’s quick, dependable nationwide mobile network. Calls are seamlessly elevated to a fully immersive Webex collaboration experience across the Webex App and devices1, with features like closed captioning, noise removal, and white boarding.
  • Fast, efficient, and secure collaboration: Collaboration that is quick, effective, and secure will be made possible by AT&T and Cisco’s collaborative solution. This will lead to better information sharing and quicker decision-making regardless of the location.

Later this year, all Webex Calling users from Cisco partners in the US will have access to AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go2 .

Connectivity for SD-WAN without Compromise

The demand for unified experiences across secure site-to-site and cloud communication is on the rise. Together with add-on services that could include mobile 5G and fiber broadband, Cisco and AT&T are bringing secure on-demand connection for SD-WAN to companies of all sizes.

AT&T is introducing a new self-service option for small and medium-sized organizations to streamline and expedite SD-WAN adoption. Using AT&T Business Wi-Fi with Cisco Meraki, businesses can now connect to, secure, manage, and grow their networks with ease.

The AT&T SD-WAN with Cisco is a fully managed connectivity solution with integrated security and analytics for larger businesses. Enterprises may now employ a secure access service edge (SASE)-enabled architecture to securely connect a user or device to any application in their multicloud. This provides end-to-end insight by integrating security and application optimization.

Through AT&T Control Center powered by Cisco, Cisco will also enable AT&T wireless connectivity to be embedded into Cisco devices, providing zero touch provisioning for Cisco and AT&T customers.

“The modern workforce is built around the network. Getting things done now depends more on how connected you are than on where you are”, according to Jonathan Davidson, executive vice president and general manager of Cisco Networking. “Hybrid work only functions when workers, wherever they are, have a seamless, reliable, and secure experience. In partnership with AT&T, we are supplying businesses with the tools they require to safely connect everyone and everything, wherever they may be. Everything becomes possible when everything is connected.”

“Hybrid work can be enabled by mobility.” According to AT&T Senior Vice President of Business Products Mike Troiano, “Businesses desire a dependable and smooth communication experience. A common ambition to provide enterprises with secure connection, exceptional reliability, and deep network experience is at the core of our relationship with Cisco. Businesses may ensure their communications are based on a firm basis by fully integrating our technology. Together, we are helping teams to succeed in the contemporary workplace by unlocking new levels of productivity, agility, and connectivity.”

Source: PRNewswire