ISG Expands ISG Executive InsightsTM with Supplier Intelligence

ISG Expands ISG Executive InsightsTM with Supplier Intelligence

The introduction of a new module enables businesses to compare supplier rates, performance, and risk levels directly with unique sourcing industry data.

ISG Executive Insights, a leading global technology research and advisory business, today announced the launch of a new suite of supplier intelligence data and research. Information Services Group (ISG) is a leading global technology research and consultancy firm.

In order to help enterprise users better manage their supplier ecosystems, the new Supplier Intelligence module provides exclusive ISG data and insights on particular supplier capabilities, risks, and rates in addition to more general market trends focusing on providers.

According to Paul Gottsegen, president of ISG Research and Client Experience, “Supplier ecosystems are becoming more complex as the number of partners and capabilities that must collaborate to power the modern digital enterprise continues to expand.” “We are now offering an easy way for every enterprise to fast-track their detailed intelligence gathering on technology and service providers to drive high-precision decision making,” says the company. “We are leveraging the proprietary data from our vast database of real-world sourcing transactions.”

With the help of ISG Supplier Intelligence, businesses can fully comprehend the company characteristics, performance, and risk levels of their suppliers. They also have a way to assess how their prices stack up against those of the market as a whole. Three layers of data are provided by the new module:

  • Wider Sourcing Market – The ISG Index, the sector’s definitive source on contracting activity and market trends, coupled with forward-thinking thought leadership from ISG Events, power market insight on the worldwide IT and business services sector.
  • Individual Provider Capabilities – Insights from ISG Provider Lens, the only service provider assessment of its kind that combines empirical, data-driven research and market analysis with the practical knowledge and observations of ISG’s international advisory team. The study enables businesses to assess their relationships with current and potential vendors as well as the market’s offerings.
  • Comprehensive Intelligence on Your Own Providers – Information relevant to a company’s present suppliers, such as risk indicators, market positioning and geographical profiles, market prices for services by location and role, and proprietary ISG relationship research, are all used to increase the efficiency and return on investment of the sourcing ecosystem for the company.

ISG’s market-leading data and decades of experience working with business clients on more than 50% of all advised sourcing projects, with total contract value to date of more than $475 billion, are the sources of the firm’s supplier intelligence. ISG manages a database of more than 180,000 sourcing contracts, 5,600 distinct assessments, and 1.3 million deliverables and obligations. Its research also includes in-depth examinations of the overall sourcing market, emerging technological trends, provider evaluations, and information on client experiences and relationships.

Rekha Acharya, partner and leader of ISG Executive Insights, stated “Many of the biggest and most renowned businesses in the world rely on ISG data and research to make better sourcing decisions. In order to promote long-term success, the ISG Executive Insights platform now offers up-to-date, multi-dimensional views of each user’s provider ecosystem.”

On this website, you may get more details on the ISG Executive Insights for Supplier Intelligence module.

ISG Executive Insights, which went live in January 2022, gives consumers the ability to manage intricate supplier ecosystems by assessing all of their suppliers’ project performance, risk indicators, and value delivery on a single, user-friendly platform. To achieve their business goals, clients can alter the content displayed on the platform.

ISG presently offers four SaaS-based systems, ISG Executive Insights being one of them. Others include ISG GovernX®, the company’s supplier and risk management solution; ISG Inform, which enables users to benchmark every aspect of their IT environment, from cost to service quality and team productivity; and ISG ProBenchmark®, which provides comprehensive price benchmarks for IT, business, and network services.