Launch of the AI Marketing Lab by AIMCLEAR®

Industry-leading AI marketing solutions are being developed by a dedicated research unit.

Industry-leading AI marketing solutions are being developed by a dedicated research unit.

Today, AIMCLEAR® announced the opening of its AI Marketing Lab, a specialised research unit tasked with monitoring and developing AI capabilities, integrating AI platforms, and developing agency tools for quick implementation and client satisfaction.

AIMCLEAR® founder Marty Weintraub stated that every aspect of the marketing and communications world is changing almost daily due to improvements, efficiencies, and new techniques brought about by AI. “The industry is teeming with self-described AI experts overnight, too. After a few hours on ChatGPT, Midjourney, or another AI tool, success is achieved. There is a new expert. But that’s not how we do things.

In addition to fostering innovation for the benefit of both our customers and the industry, he continued, “The AI Marketing Lab will also drive it. True expertise necessitates arduous research into and in-depth examination of cutting-edge technologies by dedicated individuals with a burning desire to succeed as marketing technology leaders. The AI Marketing Lab will carry it out in that manner.

The brand-new study group will:

  • Create a world-class AI marketing news content extraction engine that will index and store content to a sandbox filtered from a daily fire hose. It’s important to simply follow hour-to-hour developments. AIMCLEAR® currently conducts in-depth monitoring of AI news that affects marketing and related workflows.
  • Build up a sizable database of inputs (prompts, images, use cases, etc.) using bespoke AIMCLEAR® inputs and self-extracted prompts from the news engine.
  • Start the AIMCLEAR.AI Web App to access prompts populated by the self-learning news engine and to directly inject prompts into ChatGPT4 and other emerging prompt-based platforms (including text-to-image and image-to-code).

According to Weintraub, our industry is currently undergoing a new marketing revolution. “But it has been developing for about a decade, and forward-thinking marketers have been monitoring the development all along. Our industry, our clients, and information consumers will benefit from AI in a variety of ways, and we are now taking the initiative with the AI Marketing Lab.

The AIMCLEAR® leadership team and the agency’s integrated marketers, developers, ad ops team, and communications experts who work every day on behalf of clients are the driving forces behind the AI Marketing Lab, which is run in a hackathon-style by them.

As was the case in the early days of social media, brands need to stay away from hype and self-proclaimed gurus, Weintraub said. “Brands need a knowledgeable agency partner, like the AI Marketing Lab, to help them navigate the upcoming iteration of AI marketing.