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Utilize the Tiger Pistol Advanced Reporting Dashboard to Uncover the Power of Location-Based Social Advertising.

Budgets for marketing and the results they produce are more crucial than ever during hard times financially. 75% of marketers believe their budgets will be closely scrutinised this year, according to e Marketer. As a result, in an effort to boost conversions, marketers are focusing their advertising budgets on the bottom of the sales funnel. Effective campaign data analysis will support the case for the efficacy of their strategy.

The most cutting-edge collaborative advertising platform, Tiger Pistol, recently unveiled a new interactive reporting dashboard that enables marketers to quickly analyse data from social advertising campaigns that are location-based. Users can effectively gather, visualise, connect, and explore local social campaign data in real-time using this dashboard. To identify the factors influencing success, marketers can compare campaigns across locations, regions, and product categories. According to Paul Elliott, CEO of Tiger Pistol, “Marketing accountability has taken on a new meaning, and marketers who can make sense of their data at the most granular level will be able to allocate spend for the greatest impact.” “With the help of our brand-new reporting dashboard, marketers can use information from local campaigns for thorough analysis. We anticipate that marketers will significantly increase conversion rates and ROI by combining data that is typically dispersed across multiple sources.

Marketing professionals now have access to a useful feature that lets them view Facebook and Instagram campaign data by location or region through Tiger Pistol’s new reporting dashboard. Data can be filtered by time period, campaign goal, attribute, or location, giving marketers the insights they need to optimise upcoming campaigns. The dashboard from Tiger Pistol addresses the issue of combining fragmented data, making it simpler for marketers to visualise and examine trends across the social advertising campaigns of their partners. Users can cross-filter data using various criteria to explore data in depth thanks to the dashboard’s layered intelligence.

Bob Govia, vice president of product at Tiger Pistol, claims that “More than just tracking impressions, clicks, and conversions are insights. They focus on comprehending how different variables interact. Time is saved for brand marketers by our dashboard. It does away with the need to manually gather and compile reporting from various partners, agencies, or locations, giving brands instant access to every crucial piece of information regarding creative, copy, targeting, or performance metrics from their social campaigns.”

Regarding Tiger Pistol:

Tiger Pistol, the most cutting-edge collaborative advertising platform, lowers the barriers to partner loyalty, customer acquisition, and high-performance social advertising for businesses and their partners. Tiger Pistol connects enterprise brands, resellers, and agencies with their partners to acquire and engage new customers in their local communities using best-in-class technology and automation.

Tiger Pistol has been a Meta Business Partner for over ten years and is the largest third-party publisher of collaborative social ads in the world, serving customers in over 25 international markets and supporting over 30 languages and currencies. Visit or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to learn more.

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