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The Trade Desk Positioned as a Leader in 2023

Positioned as a Leader in the SPARK Matrix for the AdTech Platform by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions in 2023 is The Trade Desk

  • The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™ provides competitive analysis & ranking of the leading AdTech Platform vendors.
  • The Trade Desk, with its comprehensive technology platform, received strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact.

The Trade Desk has been identified by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions as a 2023 Leader in its SPARK Matrix analysis of the market for global AdTech Platforms.

Solutions Knowledge The Quadrant The SPARK MatrixTM provides a thorough analysis of the dynamics of the global market, key trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study’s SPARK Matrix, which ranks the top technology vendors, provides competitive analysis. It provides strategic data that users can use to assess the abilities of various vendors, competitive differentiation, and market position.

“The Trade Desk’s AdTech platform offers a cloud-based Demand Side Platform (DSP) that enables advertisers to manage digital campaigns across various ad formats, including display, video, audio, native, and connected TV through various devices,” claims Prakhar Bansal, Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. In order to ensure maximum reach and decision-making capabilities, the company is also committed to developing a strong partner ecosystem. To this end, it has integrated with significant data, inventory, and publisher partners. Additionally, it has developed enterprise APIs to allow for customised platform development. Through its key technological differentiators, such as integration with connected media channels, marketplaces for premium inventory, identity resolution with Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), and other features to improve campaign performance, the AdTech platform continues to provide value to its customers.Prakhar added: “With its support for a broad range of use cases, ease of deployment and customer service excellence, The Trade Desk has retained its leadership position in the global AdTech market.”

According to Gruia Pitigoi-Aron, Senior Vice President of Product at The Trade Desk, “We are committed to delivering to our clients innovation that enables them to achieve their advertising goals with greater precision and efficiency.” “Top scores in technology excellence and customer impact, as well as leadership status in the SPARK Matrix for AdTech Platforms, are results of our team’s unwavering efforts. This honour confirms our dedication to giving our clients value and to offering the market solutions that produce quantifiable business results.

AdTech Platform is a “set of software tools and technologies for planning, executing, automating, and managing digital advertisements across digital channels, including search, social, display, OTT, mobile, video, and others to optimise ad campaign performance,” according to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. A wide range of analytics tools are frequently included in ad tech, enabling publishers to boost their advertising revenue and advertisers to optimise ROI through successful campaigns that reach the target audience and gather customer insights. The entire advertising ecosystem, including the purchasing, selling, tracking, analysing, and optimising of digital ads and campaign performance, is combined in an ad tech platform. The platform is made up of a variety of tools and technologies, such as demand- and supply-side platforms, ad networks, and ad servers.