Adds Notable Partners to Its Creator Connect Ecosystem Adds Notable Partners to Its Creator Connect Ecosystem

Brands and advertisers are now even more empowered by additions to grow genuine user-generated content across TikTok, Meta, Snap, Inc., and other platforms.

One of the biggest SaaS digital advertising platforms in the world,, today announced the addition of Insense, Sapphire Studios, and Vamp to its global Creator Connect partner network. Creator Connect,’s one-stop shop for user-generated content (UGC) creative, offers a unified path forward for brands and advertisers to improve their social media presence with real, UGC advertising at scale.

Oli Marlow-Thomas, Chief Innovation Officer at, stated that “The company aims to increase the value for its clients through strategic alliances. We’re making it simpler for companies to identify artists to collaborate with and develop successful content, while reaching the right audience on the right platforms, by combining some of the world’s top influencer marketing platforms with the partner ecosystem. The opportunity for brands to use the creator economy as part of their strategy is enormous, much like the creator economy itself. The outcomes are fairly potent when you combine this with the appropriate strategy for growing user-generated content and short-form films, as well as tools to optimize wherever your audience is scrolling.”

In order to increase engagement, brand exposure, and revenue in 2022, over 75% of American marketers included creator content in their marketing mix. The addition of Insense, Sapphire Studios, and Vamp to the Creator Connect ecosystem strengthens’s position as a gateway partner for top influencer marketing platforms and gives brands access to a wide network of creative professionals to help them develop, scale, and optimize short-form video and user-generated content for TikTok, Meta, Snap, Inc., and other platforms.

“Creator Connect assisted us in reaching a scale on TikTok that we had never before seen. The success of our campaign was greatly impacted by our capacity to quickly find, edit, and use our UGC-assets, underscoring the growing significance of user-generated content as a crucial component of our brand strategy”, according to Eliott Lamaury, Head of Display at Vestiaire Collective.

According to Marie O’Donovan, Performance Marketing at Huel, “We learned so much from the creative testing with Smartly – and it’s given us insight into what our customers actually want to see from our brand when we launch a new product. The top-performing creative drove a 40% lower CPA than the product benchmark, and the outcomes were excellent. Insights we acquired from working with Smartly and Insense have really given us the confidence to test new ideas, creators, and tactics moving forward.”

“As one of the most well-known creator studios in the TikTok ecosystem”, Sapphire Studios’ co-founder and managing director Thomas Ma remarked, “we see the great value that user-generated content can provide to companies looking to interact with their audience on a deeper level. We are now able to provide our clients with an unrivalled opportunity to harness the full potential of user-generated content, build sincere connections, and greatly expand the reach of their brands thanks to our partnership with”

“We are overjoyed about our new collaboration with Our goals and corporate objectives are completely in line with one another, and we are confident that this partnership will not only benefit marketers all over the world but also advance Vamp’s goal of building the industry we want to see”,¬†according to co-founder and president Aaron Brooks of Vamp.

Source: Businesswire