Adsterra is growing its hold in Brazil

Adsterra is growing its hold in Brazil

Adsterra, a global CPA network, is growing its presence in Latin American nations, particularly Brazil.

The business has been in business for ten years and during that period has racked up a sizable clientele from Brazil and the LATAM region.

Adsterra’s monthly traffic volumes in LATAM average 4 billion impressions, with 1.5 billion of those impressions coming from Brazil.

As part of its regional expansion, Adsterra joined as a partner in two significant affiliate marketing conferences in Brazil and employed local managers. Adsterra took part in two significant LATAM events in May and June 2023: Afiliados Brasil 2023 (May 25–27) and SiGMA Americas 2023 (June 15–17).

In addition to taking part in the exhibitions, the company made public presentations at both conferences on the features of their platform for Brazilian publishers and affiliate managers.

The presenters were Mikhail Zhukov, the head of the CPM Department (Advertisers), and Tarcio Santos, the marketing lead for Adsterra in Brazil.

“Adsterra gives its Brazilian clients a sizable volume of direct clean traffic from all over the world, which exhibits good conversion rates for historically well-liked verticals in Brazil, such as I-gaming, eCommerce, Software & Utilities, Apps, eSports, Finance, and others.” Additionally, Mikhail Zhukov, Head of CPM Department (Advertisers), noted that “Any of the aforementioned verticals can create ad teasers, banners, and video teasers using Adsterra’s flagship advertising format, Social Bar (even without the help of a manager).”

Adsterra offers a user-friendly automatic onboarding journey of the personal account for the convenience of customers from Brazil. The business additionally frequently posts helpful articles and resources in Portuguese on its blog and across its social media platforms.

The business plans to keep growing its market share in Brazil while enhancing its offering to give Brazilian customers more comfort and efficiency.

Source: PRNewswire