The launch of BasisConnect+ by Basis Technologies

The launch of BasisConnect+ by Basis Technologies

BasisConnect+ combines first-party data activation, audience optimization, and cookie less media to enable highly targeted campaigns without compromising performance or consumer privacy.

Today, Basis Technologies, a well-known supplier of business intelligence and workflow automation tools for marketing and advertising, unveiled a set of solutions for high-performing, privacy-compliant digital advertising. BasisConnect+, a feature of the Basis media automation platform, offers marketers cookieless media buying, audience optimization, and first-party data activation. With Basis, marketers can launch highly focused campaigns without compromising on effectiveness or customer privacy. With its most recent feature, brands are now able to leverage CRM data for their agency to locate customers online while still adhering to U.S. government rules around the sharing of personally identifiable information (PII) of customers.

One of the key components of efficient digital advertising has been the ability to recognize users from the signals they provide on digital platforms. The task of protecting consumer privacy has, however, been taken on by technology developers and regulatory bodies as users become more informed and concerned about their privacy. Traditional approaches to fine-tuning ad targeting and messages online are now encountering pushback. This has prompted marketers to use tactics suitable for a digital world that values privacy.

“Marketers are under legitimate pressure to alter the strategies that were standard in internet advertising for 20 years.” According to Tyler Kelly, president of Basis Technologies, “The goal now is to engage users, tailor user experiences, boost media effectiveness, and measure conversions all without the usage of third-party cookies and device IDs. BasisConnect+ integrates a broad range of technology that agencies and brands need to advance as responsible marketers respectful of user privacy.”

Basis introduced an internal platform capability earlier this year that allows users to upload CRM data to target current customers on any digital device. To receive customer data for conversion to person-based identifiers for digital advertising, agencies employing Basis to manage campaigns for brands may be restricted. To generate IDs for their customers and then send that data to be used by their agency, brands generally have to negotiate separate partnerships with distinct vendors, which increases the friction in the media pipeline. Basis incorporated new capability that enables a client of an agency to access the CRM upload feature using a specific and secure Web URL in order to automate this process. As a result, only the brand is in charge of managing the personally identifiable information (PII) of its own clients, while the agency partner receives first-party audience segments for programmatic ad targeting.

Strong technology is provided by BasisConnect+ to boost ad performance. First-party data, audience optimization, and cookieless media are its three main components. Included equipment is:

First-Party Information
  • TruAudience by Transunion uses AI-driven look-alike modeling to locate people who resemble a marketer’s typical valuable customer.
  • LiveRamp automatically uploads first-party CRM data to discover existing customers through any digital channel.
Audience Development
  • Marketing professionals can gain a deeper grasp of their audience and what may appeal to them with the use of insights and profiling software, which offers a snapshot of potential customers across seven data areas.
  • Basis’s patented cookieless conversion tracking technology tracks click-throughs in cookie-free settings.
  • Without using cookies or mobile IDs, machine learning optimization evaluates campaign factors and modifies media buying to achieve campaign objectives.
No-cookie media
  • Publisher-direct, CTV audiences (through BasisTV+), private marketplace transactions, and programmatic guarantees are just a few of the media buying methods that Basis automates without using third-party cookies.
  • 2000 segments of contextual targeting from top data partners, including Peer39.

Source: Globe Newswire