AvaTouch: Launch of the Generative Video Bot Meeting System

AvaTouch: Launch of the Generative Video Bot Meeting System

The launching of AvaTouch, a generative video bot meeting system intended to transform remote work, has been announced by Tokyo-based AvaTouch, Inc. AvaTouch is an AI platform that enables one-on-one interactions between users and AI bots by utilizing machine learning and natural language processing. By automating processes like taking meeting minutes, producing summaries, and translating and interpreting languages, users of AvaTouch can save time and resources.

The system turns interactions into searchable digital assets, making it simple to retrieve and reference information later on. It is supposed to reduce the time spent on remote management, human resource development, and customer development by 50%. The audio interpretation feature and the ability to convert meeting minutes into nine different languages—Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Dutch—allow team members from various cultural backgrounds to communicate clearly and efficiently with one another.

With a host of advantages for internal meetings, staff development, and client training, AvaTouch is a game-changer for remote work. The solution also eliminates the need for scheduling, translates languages, and streamlines time in internal meetings, minimizing duplication and averting information silos. AvaTouch enables new hires to study at their own pace and undertake practical testing through interactions with the bot for human resource development. The technology simplifies quick product descriptions for client training and offers quick access to previous transactions for proposal creation and post-sale reporting.

According to Tomohiro Kato, CEO of AvaTouch, Inc., “We are excited to introduce AvaTouch to the world as it represents a significant step forward in the evolution of remote work. Our system is designed to improve productivity and collaboration for individuals and organizations by streamlining communication and enhancing the effectiveness of remote work.”

AvaTouch registration is free and simple to complete. Visit https://avatouch.net/signup right away to register. The AvaTouch Discord community, the AvaTouch YouTube channel, and the AvaTouch help website are just a few of the many options to remain updated and seek support.

Source: PRNewswire