Dialpad is collaborating with Google Cloud

To create new generative AI, Dialpad is collaborating with Google Cloud

Dialpad will enable 12 next-generation AI capabilities using Vertex AI and their own AI technologies this year. Dialpad will leverage Vertex AI and Google Cloud LLMs to enhance contact center and sales conversations.

In order to create new generative AI for users, Dialpad, the industry-leading AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, today announced a partnership with Google Cloud. The collaboration will combine skills that will enable Dialpad clients to operate more shrewdly and productively than before. This partnership will integrate Google Cloud Vertex AI capabilities into the Dialpad platform, further elevating its generative AI capabilities to fuel customer insights, boost team productivity and collaboration, and enhance the intelligence and interactions of sales and service teams with customers. This partnership builds on over a decade of AI innovation and delivers hundreds of AI-enabled capabilities.

Users need real-time information that will enable them to stay at the forefront of their business in today’s hybrid and remote workplace, where speed and ease of use are crucial. Regardless of role or business function, leveraging AI must be frictionless, quick, and simple for all users. By laying the right groundwork and utilizing usability and intelligence for customers worldwide, the Dialpad and Google Cloud alliance will address the largest challenges faced by enterprises looking to deploy AI technologies holistically.

Dialpad’s founder and CEO, Craig Walker, expressed his excitement about working with Google Cloud on new generative AI capabilities. “As an AI-Powered platform focused on transforming how the world works together, and a long-time partner of Google, Dialpad is thrilled to work with Google Cloud on new generative AI capabilities,” Walker stated. “We incorporated AI into our platform five years ago, and appropriately expanding it has always been a concern of ours. As a long-time leader in the AI sector, Google, generative AI on Google Cloud is the ideal technology for us to use as we continue to offer new features and capabilities in an ethical and sustainable manner. The essence of our aim hasn’t changed since day one: to make it easier for salespeople and customer care agents to accomplish their jobs. Vertex AI adds an additional layer of contextual richness to Dialpad’s platform.

Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud, stated that “Generative AI has the potential to simplify many of our most common tasks at work.” “We are thrilled to partner with Dialpad in support of their mission and to bring Google Cloud generative AI to users in new and beneficial ways,” said one true cloud-native and industry pioneer firm.

Without requiring users to switch between apps or websites, Dialpad unifies calls, messaging, and meetings into a single platform that includes quick AI insights. By providing pre-built models that further democratize AI usage across all sizes of organizations, the alliance aids business executives. Customers will be able to quickly implement this technology to accomplish the following business outcomes with the inclusion of Google Cloud’s generative AI:

  • Save time by using AI Recap to create succinct meeting summaries that highlight crucial details and pertinent action items.
  • AI Recap will facilitate decision-making and increase the effectiveness of cross-departmental teams. This feature allows users to quickly find critical information by categorizing and identifying the purpose and result of each call.
  • AI Playbooks, which will offer real-time, context-sensitive suggestions and prompts to agents, will help customer service professionals and salespeople perform their jobs better. They will address important problems like churn prediction.
  • Use AI Scorecards to review call encounters and produce real-time, customized, data-driven insights to boost agent performance and motivation and enhance the customer experience in sales and customer support.
  • Encourage cross-functional cooperation by using Google’s BigQuery enterprise data warehouse to dismantle AI data silos and boost productivity for groups that are anchored to a single source of truth.

Early May will see the release of updates to AI Recap, while early summer 2023 will see the release of updates to AI Playbooks and AI Scorecards.

The collaboration with Google Cloud strengthens Dialpad’s ongoing dedication to the advancement of AI. For instance, Dialpad announced in December 2022 that it would invest $50 million in the ongoing research and development (R&D) of artificial intelligence (AI)-related technologies and that it would establish Dialpad AI Labs to hasten the creation of cutting-edge features that automate business processes and offer predictive insights.