Space Auto launches consolidated CRM for retail automotive

Space Auto launches consolidated CRM for retail automotive

Fully integrated dealership for the first time CRM Facilitates Conversion of Car Buyers from Car Shoppers

The first-ever centralized CRM technology for retail automotive, announced by Space Auto, the new integrated software and marketing solution for auto dealers, tracks the entire customer journey from the first click to the close and uses AI-generated responses to create personalized interactions for car shoppers.

Utilizing the knowledge gained through GPT-4, the AI Responses feature is an entirely new innovation for automobile retail. It provides dealerships with quick, data-driven recommendations based on the full customer dialogue and other data points in the Space Auto CRM, such as inventory, digital retailing, deal activity, and consumer website browsing information.

With the help of this innovative tool, salespeople can choose from a list of AI-suggested text or email messages with ease, offering customers the information they want and helping the dealership with prompt, precise, and effective responses. Dealers can change the messages’ tonality to suit their voice and business objectives. Grammar checks and language translations are also included in the functionality.

“Responding to customers requires time and effort on the part of sales. According to Taylor Bartholomew, Chief Product Officer of Space Auto, “We are aware that some dealership leads never even receive a response. Dealerships save time and money with AI responses. Managers can unwind knowing that their team has the tools necessary to consistently deliver the best experience to consumers by sending correct communications to them.

The new Space Auto CRM has a number of features, including the AI Responses tool. The CRM enables dealership salespeople to keep track of each client encounter and produce transactions digitally on PC, mobile, and in the Space Auto App, the only retail automotive app with in-app full-feature functionality.

“With the new Space Auto CRM, a dealer can now work a deal from anywhere — even on the sales lot or at home — and access everything they need to close,” said Nick Askew, Space Auto’s founder and CEO. “The Space Auto CRM enhances the car-buying process by providing a delightfully connected experience for both customers and dealerships,” claims the company.

In addition to the revolutionary AI Responses capability, a new Space car CRM gives a car dealership the capacity to:

  • Give customers a seamless digital retail experience wherever they are: The Space Auto CRM has a built-in digital retailing portal that offers a one-to-one access to the data in the dealer’s CRM, whether clients are looking for a car in-person or online. Car buyers can conveniently request instant trade values, send necessary documents like a driver’s license or proof of insurance, and submit credit applications from their desktop or mobile device by logging into the portal from any browser at home, at work, or while on the go. In order to improve connectivity, there are also new integrations with technology partners like DealerTrack®.
  • Obtain more thorough, practical customer insights: The Space Auto CRM integrates directly with the dealer website and retailing experience, providing comprehensive information about each customer lead, including details like their marketing channel and ad campaign origination, website behavior, and deal information. This allows you to gain deeper, more useful customer insights. Metrics and dashboards can be examined from both a dealership and individual customer perspectives.
  • Profit from consolidated data: The Space Auto CRM combines website sessions, messages, deals, appointments, and more into one centralized, user-friendly activity feed to enable dealerships to make the most of data throughout the purchasing process. The CRM experience tracks every step of the customer journey, including all communications and deals, chronologically from lead creation to close.

Watch Askew’s demonstration of the brand-new Space Auto CRM. Visit to find out more about the Space Auto CRM technology.