Google chose FiscalNote as a launching partner for Bard

FiscalNote has been chosen by Google as a launch partner for Bard

FiscalNote Expands its Leadership in the Application of AI to Laws and Regulations Through Partnership with Google

FiscalNote Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: NOTE), a top provider of AI-driven enterprise SaaS technology for global policy and market intelligence, announced today that it has been chosen by Google to be a launch partner for Bard by Google. This will give users access to some of FiscalNote’s industry-leading real-time data sets and content. FiscalNote has been a leader in aggregating and training models in the legal, regulatory, and political domains for ten years. This relationship is a tribute to that leadership and serves as another momentum-builder for the company’s ongoing strategic partnership initiatives with other top AI developers and pioneers.

The announcement was revealed earlier today during Sissie Hsiao, Vice President and General Manager, Google Assistant and Bard, keynote speech at Google’s annual I/O Conference. Google announced plans to create Bard extensions at the speech, highlighting their potential to interface with other web services like FiscalNote’s particular datasets. FiscalNote is joining an exclusive group of international companies that are leaders in their own industry sectors as part of today’s Bard announcement.

By leveraging this AI cooperation with Google, FiscalNote intends to make some data and information available to Bard users, which will be decided by FiscalNote. This will allow FiscalNote to get important insights into how users may wish to employ generative models to comprehend political and regulatory issues. In addition to improving accuracy and relevance for FiscalNote customers, this increased user interaction will help create a flywheel for FiscalNote that will propel future product development for the company’s domain-specific models. It will also allow the company to quickly extend its leadership in the application of AI and large language models related to these specialized data sets. By combining generalized foundation models with FiscalNote’s domain-specific models, defensible insights will be produced, allowing the business to more effectively optimize its own models and data collection efforts while developing innovative applications and user interfaces that provide FiscalNote customers with better results.

Sissie Hsiao, Vice President and General Manager of Assistant and Bard at Google, stated that “Generative AI has captured the world’s attention and changed how we think about collaboration and productivity.” We’re excited to work with FiscalNote and look forward to giving Bard users access to new features.

“FiscalNote is honored to have been chosen by Google as a launch partner, as we join this exciting journey of AI innovation and collaborate with a fellow AI pioneer to leverage the potential of generative AI technology to optimize creativity, reimagine learning, boost productivity, and unleash the potential of trusted data to empower customers and consumers around the globe,” said Tim Hwang, Chairman, CEO, and Co-founder of FiscalNote. We see a huge potential for the application of generative AI in the interaction and deployment of the distinctive data sets, analysis, and solutions we provide through our portfolio of world-class products and services as a long-time innovator in AI and as a leader in the legal, policy, and regulatory intelligence domain.

Following the Company’s recent announcement that it was named one of only 14 inaugural “trusted partners” by AI research and deployment company OpenAI for its ChatGPT Plug-In, which gives users of OpenAI’s platform access to some of FiscalNote’s market-leading real-time data sets and content, Google has chosen FiscalNote as a launch partner for Bard.