Sendinblue changes to Brevo

Sendinblue reveals re-branding to Brevo

Expanded corporate strategy to meet the changing demands of digital enterprises as consumer tastes take the lead

Brevo, the industry-leading all-in-one digital marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses, has changed its name from Sendinblue to better reflect its mission to offer companies of all sizes a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) suite to support long-term, sustainable growth. To build their client interactions, organizations must make technology investments.

Brevo has led the way in innovation and the addition of new features since 2012. It has noticed a change in the requirements of its clients in recent years. This pattern has persisted over the past three years as multichannel consumer involvement has steadily gained popularity. It performed a study in July 2022 and found that 36% of Americans who participated desired that their email platform also offer consumer communications via other channels. Sendinblue’s original offer was mailing newsletters. Only 31% of its clients are now exclusively using this feature. This demonstrates that businesses require more today because consumers demand more. They want firms to cater their offerings and customize communications in an incredibly digital and quickly evolving world.

Modern organizations want full marketing and CRM solutions integrated into a single platform that can have two-way interactions with customers via SMS, WhatsApp, and chat while also meeting them where they are in real time. In acknowledgement of the progression to a comprehensive CRM Suite, Sendinblue has been rebranded to reflect this more true representation of its full capabilities.

According to Armand Thiberge, founder and CEO, “the pace of digital marketing and consumer behavior has required that we innovate and evolve to empower businesses to grow even during difficult cycles.” “We have answered this call with an accessible, affordable solution that nurtures customer relationships and delivers growth at scale. A significant turning point for our business at the ten-year mark was the conversion to Brevo. As we achieve our own ambitious growth targets over the next ten years, this expansion will keep us going. We support empowering companies of all sizes to maintain a robust global economy. This is why the name Brevo was chosen because it promotes enthusiasm and encouragement. The new brand serves as a call to action for our customers’ excitement and expansion.

Brevo now stands out as the only all-in-one solution, offering unbeatable value for dependable customer care in a comprehensive CRM Suite that keeps organizations GDPR compliant.

“As Brevo, our main objective was to showcase our distinctive personality and brand value. The primary theme of all visuals is growth, which is reflected in the logo’s inspiration from growing trees and the language used to describe how our purpose is expanding. Green was chosen as our main color because it symbolizes growth, and secondary colors were chosen for each of our product lines to make them easier to recognize, according to Miri Blum, global vice president of marketing.

With a consistent organic compound annual growth rate of 40% over the past 18 months, Brevo has surpassed $100M in annual recurring revenue while maintaining a positive EBITDA. In addition, Brevo has acquired six businesses—Chatra, Metrilo, PushOwl,, Captain Wallet, and MeetFox—to speed up the delivery of features as customers’ needs have changed. Brevo has ambitious goals for the future: to reach $1 billion ARR by 2030 while putting a heavy emphasis on addressing the need for the company to create deeper, more enduring client relationships.

Brevo emphasizes long-term connections with actual people in a world where marketing encompasses the complete client experience. Because relationships are consistently the best investment for growth, Brevo is a representation of thoughtful, long-term investments in relationships as opposed to short-term sales. Now, every company has an opportunity to reach its full potential.