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Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) datasets

Launch of Free IP Datasets by IPinfo on Snowflake Marketplace

On Snowflake Marketplace, joint customers can now access free IP to Country and ASN datasets from IPinfo.

The Snowflake Marketplace now offers free IP to Country and Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) datasets, according to an announcement from IPinfo. Since 2019, the engineering team at IPinfo has improved join times by optimising queries using the robust user-defined table functions in Snowflake (UDTFs). For IPinfo’s proprietary datasets, requests that used to take ten or more minutes are now answered in just a few seconds. The free IP datasets will feature a special UDTF solution that makes data queries easier, just like all of IPinfo’s databases.

Through the provision of highly effective and pertinent IP geolocation and wider internet datasets, IPinfo and Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, are collaborating to support joint customers in making informed business decisions and fostering innovation. All of IPinfo’s datasets are actively updated and improved on Snowflake Marketplace for easy data engineering, data warehousing, data science, and other uses.

Due to an IP range aggregation on the joined database, which optimises these listings for even quicker queries, the new, free datasets need almost no maintenance. In addition to releasing a new UDFs and UDTFs solution with the free datasets, IPinfo is also planning to introduce a new database that is immediately usable and requires little to no coding.

According to Ross Lewis, Head of Partnerships & Ecosystem at IPinfo, “We’re excited to launch our IP to Country and ASN data on Snowflake.” “Snowflake’s single, integrated platform has given us various tools to optimise queries and reduce join time from minutes to seconds. IPinfo develops proprietary, accurate, and highly performant IP data. The free IP to Country and ASN data maintain premium accuracy and are tailored for Snowflake’s platform, just like our paid plans on the Snowflake Marketplace. Within seconds, customers can benefit from the data.

Within its applications, Snowflake Marketplace enables nearly instantaneous, hassle-free, and secure data usage. Customers can quickly begin using the data on the platform thanks to IPinfo’s comprehensive documentation.

Even though the free datasets only include a portion of IPinfo’s data listings, they still feature unrestricted access to all records within the included fields and premium accuracy. Customers can use the IP to Country and ASN datasets for a variety of projects and use cases, such as threat detection and response, advertising technology, financial technology, web personalization, and more because these datasets are freely available and have no usage restrictions.

Felippe Hoffa, Data Cloud Advocate at Snowflake, said, “Our partnership with IPinfo enables our customers to take advantage of technologies with valuable industry and business experience on Snowflake’s single, integrated platform. We’ve seen how IPinfo’s datasets can hasten threat detection and response, so we’re sure that Snowflake customers, from cybersecurity teams to ad services, will profit from these free datasets.

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