Launch of Microsoft Operator Connect by Dstny

Launch of Microsoft Operator Connect by Dstny

Today, Dstny, a well-known cloud-based business communications service in Europe, announced that it has achieved Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams accreditation. Companies now have access to a smooth and high-quality voice solution for Microsoft Teams thanks to Dstny, which is now available on the Teams Admin Centre.

Companies may simplify their communications utilizing Teams for meetings, collaborations, and calls in one user interface with Dstny and Microsoft Operator Connect for increased productivity.

An operator-managed solution, Microsoft Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, guarantees service, quality, and customer experience levels. Administrators may now choose lines and minutes, manage numbers, and assign users via the Teams site thanks to Dstny’s inclusion in the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre.

The addition of Dstny to the list of operators in Microsoft’s Operator Connect Program increases the options available to Dstny service providers and end users for communication and cooperation.

According to Samuel De Wever, Group CTO at Dstny, “Our objective at Dstny is to play well with others and make it easier for our clients to acquire beneficial technologies. We are pleased to improve the Microsoft Teams user calling experience for both current and potential customers with the launch of our Microsoft Operator Connect product. This alliance supports our strategic goal of growth and expansion.”

Microsoft’s Taimoor Husain, Global Telco Strategy Lead, said: “Having partners like Dstny on board is important to our success. Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the go-to option for businesses looking for an integrated collaboration platform. Dstny not only increases the capability of Teams, but also has the knowledge to onboard new clients and offer local assistance, further streamlining and streamlining the adoption process.”

From Dstny Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark, Microsoft Operator Connect is accessible.

Source: PRNewswire