Teleperformance Braces Microsoft Partnership to Launch TP GenAI

Teleperformance Braces Microsoft Partnership to Launch TP GenAI

Initial trials demonstrate important improvements to the customer experience, including quicker handling and response times, better agent satisfaction, and reduced error rates.

In order to provide complete Microsoft Cloud infrastructure solutions to clients, Teleperformance, a leader in the world of digital business services, today announced that it had inked a multi-year, $185 million Azure Cloud commitment with Microsoft. Through the collaboration, Teleperformance is also utilizing Microsoft Azure AI to introduce TP GenAI, a new set of AI solutions that facilitate quicker, more effective, and improved business processes that improve customer experience.

Organizations are seamlessly enabled by TP GenAI to quickly and accurately identify the requirements and pain points of customers across numerous touchpoints. This comprehensive set of generative AI tools enables advisors to improve response times and empathically focus on customer needs by utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs) via Microsoft Azure OpenAI. In order to improve its internal back office and support activities, including HR, Recruitment, Finance, IT, and Training, Teleperformance is also integrating TP GenAI.

Initial client programs testing the usage of TP GenAI have resulted in considerable improvements in accuracy, efficiency, and customer experience across a range of industries. Initial TP GenAI-powered programs from the company saw up to a 25% reduction in call handling time and a 20% reduction in email response times, as well as increased customer satisfaction scores, a 90% improvement in accurately addressing customers’ needs, a 35% increase in sales conversions, and near real-time insights on customer interactions.

Daniel Julien, Chairman and CEO of Teleperformance Group, stated “The introduction of TP GenAI is just one more step in the company’s evolution into a pioneer in digital business services. We strongly believe in merging ‘high tech’ with ‘high touch,’ bringing together real people and human empathy with artificial intelligence to provide customers with a more empathetic and supporting experience. As a market leader, we’re thrilled to provide generative AI solutions to businesses to assist in automating straightforward, low-value jobs and free up our personnel to concentrate on what really matters: fostering customer loyalty.”

Enhancements to Teleperformance’s current AI-powered offerings leveraging Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive offerings are also being fueled by the expanded Microsoft cooperation. This comprises:

  • To help provide actionable business insights and improve customer experience, TP Interact, an interaction analytics platform, uses Azure Cognitive Services to extract and harness insights from all interactions, including voice and digital chats.
  • A chatbot named TP Digital Floorwalker uses machine learning and analytics to assist Teleperformance’s specialists in providing customers with faster and more accurate service.
  • Customer support professionals can reply across several languages more quickly and accurately thanks to StoryfAI, a multilingual translation engine that provides automatic translation services in real-time in more than 100 different languages.

Source: PRNewswire